Cake smash…. dressing up a store bought cake!

Priscilla is 11 months old today!!!! That means it’s time to start planing that very exciting first birthday! Now that we are settled into our home it is time to start planning! I have the theme all ready to go and found the most adorable dress at the local TJ Maxx for photos! We all know no one year old’s birthday is complete without a cake smash!!!!! A cake smash is a fun photo shoot where you have an adorable tiny cake and you dress your soon to be one year old up and let them go crazy eating the cake in hopes for some of the most amazing pictures ever!!!! I made Sophia’s cake from scratch and it took two days. It was beautiful and Minnie Mouse themed. You see it lasted seconds and that wasn’t the point of the photos.. it was all about the messy baby cuteness. I learned with baby number two how to do a few mommy hacks and get the same effect in much less time. What Mom doesn’t love a mommy hack?!?! I went to the local grocery store and purchased a small round cake that happened to have rainbow sprinkles on it!!!

Sprinkles…What a win! I bought a few sticks of butter, a bag of confectioners sugar, and some red food coloring! I was ready to doctor up this little cake and make it something photo worthy! After dance class today while I had a few minutes before dinner I whipped up the homemade frosting and decorated the cake. The entire process from start to clean up took me less than 25 minutes! I love making homemade buttercream frosting! I think it tastes so much better than the stuff in the can, and it holds up so much nicer on a cake! It takes just minutes in a mixer and it’s so much fun to make with your children. Sophia jumped up on her kitchen helper and helped me make the frosting… and of course taste it too! I created sweet little swirls to resemble the tiny flowers on Priscilla’s dress and the store bought cake was transformed into the perfect cake smash cake!!! So excited for tomorrow’s photo shoot! Can’t believe my baby girl will be 1 next month!

Frosting Recipe:

2 sticks of butter softened

3-4 cups of confectioners sugar ( depending on how sweet you like your frosting)

4 drops of red food coloring ( any coloring of your choice) I wanted pink frosting!

Vanilla extract ( 1 teaspoon)

Whip butter and vanilla add food coloring.

Add sugar 1 cup at a time mixing slowly while scraping sides of bowl.

Mix well till light and fluffy. Pipe on to cake!

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