Buying a family home

So much went into our decision to buy our new home. We have looked at homes for years it seems and just never found “the one”. We never knew exactly what we were looking for but always knew when it was right we would just know. A few months ago on our way home from church we decided to go to an open house, simply because we didn’t have anything else to do that afternoon. It was for a house we were not that interested in, but we thought why not. Trying to find a home that our toddler liked has been hard. She hasn’t seemed to feel settled since we moved from our condo that we sold last year and that was our number one priority. We included her in this entire process because in our family that is what is most important. If she truly didn’t like a house, or didn’t feel comfortable inside… we simply wouldn’t move forward. There was something special about this house though… Sophia walked right in as if she knew. It was a sprawling ranch, not a colonial like we had looked at in the past. She loved how everything was on one floor and there were no “monster” noises coming from upstairs, because there were no more stairs. After looking at all of the rooms inside she couldn’t wait to run through the big yard.. at that moment we knew.. this was the house. We left talking about how much fun we would have playing outside once we brought her toys there.. and all of the wonderful family memories we would make. Today was the first day we were able to make that dream a reality. We finally had nice weather in New England and it’s the first full weekend we are in our new home! We did our normal weekend errands and our traditional Stew Leonard’s trip and then came home to play outside. The girls had so much fun playing in the yard and we even grilled burgers for dinner! It’s only day one and we have started to create amazing family memories in our new home. It’s funny when we started this process we had so many ideas of what we thought we wanted. It turned out everything we ever needed was in this house on the hill. Seeing how happy our girls were today made my husband and I feel something I can’t put into words. If you’re searching for a new home like we were and having a hard time finding the perfect one, maybe putting what your family truly needs into perspective like we did will help…..or just go into a random open house and let your toddler lead the way! 🙂 I’m so glad we found this house. I love our new home.

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