Botanico coffee… farm to cup! ☕️

Botanico coffee is a unique farm to cup coffee company that is grown in the heart of Colombia’s coffee region! I was given the opportunity to try this unique coffee and I was so excited! I’m a busy mom of two and I live on black coffee all day! I think drinking black coffee makes me some sort of a coffee snob… you seriously can taste coffee when you don’t put anything in it. It needs to be good! When I got my sample in the mail I couldn’t wait to try these adorable kcups! They fit perfectly in my keurig and are seriously so cute! I brewed my first cup and sat quietly and took my first sip… perfection! It was smooth and didn’t have that acidic taste you get from most coffees on the market. The best part was it didn’t burn my stomach like some black coffees do… and the taste was absolutely incredible! I love that they grind the beans and it is literally farm to cup! No fillers or additives! Botanico coffee is offering an awesome 20% discount till March 27th on Amazon so this is the perfect time to give their amazing coffee a try and be hooked just like we are!

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