Super Mom kinda feeling

This morning I got that feeling… you know that Super Mom kinda feeling. We are in the middle of our renovation and and our house is upside down. I’ve been feeling like I have lost control of it all. This morning though… it all clicked. I was packing Sophia’s school lunch and she jumped for joy to see I finally found the right juice boxes. I guess the ones ShopRite had on sale were the ones she had been hoping to see all along. She couldn’t wait to show her friends. We moved on to packing her snack and she found out mommy bought her favorite paw patrol yogurt. She hugged my legs and told me I was super mommy!! I was feeling pretty good at that moment while I cut her sandwich into an apple shape. Then she asked me if she could wear her new paw patrol outfit to school today… that was the oh no moment of this rainy Monday. It was dirty in the hamper from Saturday. I had exactly 35 minutes before she needed to get dressed for school. I ran to the laundry room and put her outfit on the speed wash cycle. She watched as it finished washing and we put it in the dryer on the quick dry cycle. She was running through the house screaming .. ” My Mommy is the Super Mommy”!!!! Yes my friends that felt amazing!!!! I was able to get her dressed for school with a pretty awesome lunch and snack with a special note from mommy inside and to school before 9 am! I did all of this while hubby is away on a business trip too! I have to say I am feeling like a little bit of a Rock Star Super Mom this Monday Morning!!!!


I love traditions especially family traditions. There is something so special about a tradition that is passed down among generations and cherished among family members. I look forward to our family wine making every single year. It’s a two weekend process and every step is so exciting! Making wine has been in our family for generations. The steps have been the same for many years. We have the grapes shipped here and we spend the first weekend removing the stems and allowing the grapes to sit so the juices will release. The following week ( today) we press the grapes! This is the most fun day! The entire extended family comes for a day full of wine, food, and friendship. We eat yummy Italian food and bring out the old pressing machine. This machine has been in our family for generations and is over 100 years old. The children all take a turn cranking the handle to press down the grapes and get the wine out. It is such a fun day filled with laughter, food, and drinking last years wine. Traditions are such an important part of life and something I am proud to pass down to my children. I would love to hear about your family traditions too!

Tonight’s dinner was a hit!

I have always preferred my beef stew on the stove top! I have tried to make it a few times in the crockpot … and have always ended up throwing it on the stove to finish it off. It just never comes out right for me. I just don’t know what I am doing wrong?!?! 🤷🏻‍♀️ I love to caramelize the meat before starting my soup! It just gives an added layer of flavor and love to my dinner. There is something that says fall when beef stew is cooking all day on the stove top. I whipped up this delicious dinner quickly between my errands today and left it cooking on low all day. I also prepped my mom’s potatoes for my husband to throw in the oven while we were at Taekwondo. This meal came together in just minutes when we got home tonight and was so warm and yummy. I couldn’t wait to get the girls to bed and share it with all of you. I always wondered what made my moms potatoes so amazing… and I could never get them right…. now I know the secret ingredient and I’m going to share it with all of you. It’s vinegar!!!!! Yes and they are the best roasted potatoes you will ever eat!!!! Trust me!!! Once you try them please reach out to me and let me know what you think! 🙂

Beef Stew

1 package of stew beef cubes

1 package of stew veggies ( or you can chop your own) * potatoes , carrots, onion, celery

1 packet Mc Cormick beef stew seasoning

1 32 ounce beef stock

1 table spoon butter in large pot. Toss beef cubes in light coating of flour, garlic powder, salt, and pepper. Just enough to dust beef. Pour into pot and cook on Medium high heat till golden brown. Add veggies. Cook till transparent. Add beef stock and seasoning packet. If you want to add extra potatoes you can add those too! Cook covered all day. 🙂 or at least 3/4 hours on low. You want the veggies and beef tender to break with fork.

My Moms 🥔 Roasted Potatoes

White potatoes

Olive oil



Red wine vinegar

Slice potatoes into 1/4 inch pieces. Place in bowl. Coat with olive oil. Sprinkle with generous amount of salt and pepper. Drizzle with red wine vinegar. Stir with spoon. Place in sprayed glass pan. Bake at 375 for 45 – 60 min till golden brown and crispy!!! These are amazing 😉

Chicken Fajita Soup 🤤

Sunday dinner is usually a meal I make that takes a long time to prep and hours to cook. Today was an exception. We spent the day running errands and ended up at our favorite store Stews! Walking around seeing the fresh produce and of course a rotisserie chicken got me thinking about a quick dinner that would taste like it took me hours to make. We wanted to spend time playing outside as a family so I knew this was the perfect meal. It took me five minutes to throw together and simmered on the stove until we were ready to eat. It could have been ready in 20 minutes but we let it cook while we played on our playground out back. I wanted to share this yummy soup that was a family favorite!

Chicken Fajita Soup

1 yellow pepper

1 orange pepper

1 red pepper

1 green pepper

1 jalapeño pepper ( omit if you don’t like heat )

1 medium yellow onion

1 package Mc Cormick fajita seasoning

1 32 ounce chicken stock

1 can black beans

1 rotisserie chicken

Chop veggies and cook in pot with olive oil until slightly soft. Pick apart chicken and add pieces to veggies. Add chicken stock and seasoning packet. Add black beans. Bring to boil them let cook on low for 20 minutes or however long you would like. I served with cheese, sour cream, tortilla chips, and avocado 🙂 yummy!!!!

My new Clutch accessory!

Every once in a while you come across a product that just blows you away… this clutch changing pad from Kiyari Baby did just that. As a mom of two young girls I don’t necessarily always get a chance to care about my style or think about how to accessorize my outfits. I usually lug around my large diaper bag backpack no matter where I am headed. Don’t get me wrong I love my mommy back pack it’s one of my favorite things, but there are some days I want to run out with less to carry… that’s why this clutch is so awesome! It has compartments for everything I need and a handle that is easy to hold while chasing my girls around the playground like I did today. It was so nice carrying this clutch all day, knowing it had everything I needed. It was the perfect fall day accessory! I placed a few diapers, wipes, my wallet, keys, and cellphone inside. It was perfection in my eyes. The changing pad is easy to unfold and even has a comfortable pillow for the child to rest on while being changed. Priscilla loves it! I think this is something every Mama needs to have and accessorize with! Check out their link below! 👇🏼

Gemma Carter Artist

There is something really special about watercolor art. I am not sure if it is the whimsical nature of the piece or knowing how much work the artist put into it… but it’s always been my favorite type of painting. When I came across Gemma Carter Art on Instagram I had to reach out to her! Her art work is incredible and so unique. Her Etsy shop is filled with so many beautiful nautical themes and she also does signature designs as well! We love the mermaid scene she created for the girls room! Sophia was so excited when she opened her package and had me put the painting right beside her bed. Check out this awesome Etsy shop and gallery at the link below! 👇🏼

What is a “normal mommy” anyway ?

It’s so funny! I wear my logo shirt all the time out in public. Yes I want to share my mom blog with the world because I am proud of what I have accomplished but I also just love the shirt so much! Recently I have been asked what is normal and why I chose my name. I wanted to jump on my blog quick and tell everyone why I chose the name. I have this medical condition and while pregnant with my second daughter it was bad. I was talking with my husband … in tears.. and told him how I just wished so badly I could be normal like everyone else. He told me that there is no real normal. That every one… every mom can define what their normal is. My normal is living life as a mom of two girls with hemiplegic migraines and endometriosis. So this got me thinking about what normal really is.. and how everyone longs to be normal and accepted. I just wanted to show that I’m a mom living life in suburbia and share it with everyone. We all have our own normal. We are all just a Normal Mommy. 🙂

Cupcake Surprise Dolls

When I think about my childhood I think about how much I loved my special dolls. Sophia is following in my footsteps with her love for dolls too! She could not wait to open up her cupcake surprise to see what was inside. She truly went through the motions of smelling each one to see what the exciting special scent was. She was thrilled to see hers were special edition masquerade dolls and had their very own masks! These dolls came with a comb for their beautiful hair and the cupcake lid turns into an adorable bonnet. These are such fun toys. Sophia cannot wait to collect them all! She has them lined up on her dresser in her room. These are truly the sweetest toy there is!

You can find them at Target, Walmart, and on Amazon!

That morning cup of coffee!

I’ve been up since a little before 5 this morning. Today is the day my husband left for a business trip. Gosh I really don’t like these days. I tell myself it’s time to put the big girl pants on and face the day… but the truth is I rely on my partner in crime. You see my husband works from home. We are so blessed that his job allows him to work right in his home office a large portion of the time… and travel several times a year. He gets to be a part of school events, exciting moments in the girls lives, sick days, and even lunch time. My goodness how lucky are we? Working from home isn’t always butterflies and lambs I am certain of that. My poor husband tries to be an executive while dodging superhero Sophia in the hallway or the latest tantrum of the day, but I am sure as he is sitting on the plane at this very moment he would rather be right here with us than flying to his conference. We have this really awesome thing called family. My gosh it’s pretty amazing. So as I sit here in silence and sip my coffee in preparation to take on single parenthood for a few days… I think about how grateful I am for my life. I am also beyond thankful my girls are still asleep past 7 am… because let’s be honest I’m a little scared to do the next four days alone!!! Wish me luck!!!

Mommy’s clean up crew?

Have you ladies realized all we do is clean… all day long? I clean up after breakfast, lunch, the toys, dinner… it’s a never ending cycle. It became something I just did and didn’t really think much about it until recently. You see my children like to mimic my behaviors. Sometimes this is flattering… others times I cringe. Recently both of my girls have been on a cleaning spree. It’s adorable, but has also made me stop and wonder is that all they see me do? My oldest daughter likes to clean her own bathroom, cleans the kitchen table, sweeps the floor.. you name it… she does it. Did I forget to mention she just turned 4 last month? My youngest daughter is 15 months old and likes to wipe the table clean, clean the floor with baby wipes, is obsessed with vacuuming with her kids vacuum, and will make sure to throw everything in the garbage when she is done. This is crazy. My mother was amazed today as she watched these events take place. She couldn’t believe how programmed my children were to clean up after themselves. This got me thinking… why on earth can’t our husbands be more like this? Now I adore my husband. He is amazing in every way … except for being tidy! He will make coffee and leave the empty k cup on the counter… next to the garbage. Leave dirty clothes on top of the hamper… not inside the hamper. Don’t even get me started on the dreaded empty toilet paper roll… I’m the mom who ran to pee while chasing her children praying they aren’t doing something god awful only to find no toilet paper! So my question is… if I can have this great of an influence on my 4 and 1 year old children… what do I have to do to get it to rub off on my hubby?!? I can’t imagine I am alone here? Ok ok I am OCD I said it!!! I think y’all got that picture when you envisioned my toddlers on a cleaning spree… but is it too much to ask for my hubby to pick up after himself?!?! Moms out there tell me I am not alone ?!?! Tell me you are out there reading this nodding your heads feeling the way I do tonight???