Am I the only one…?

Y’all am I the only one that opts to do my beauty care at home?

I didn’t think much of my little monthly routine until this morning. I was in the shower washing away my hair dye… yes I dye my own hair. And Sophia was banging on the glass shower doors because her iPad died. Of course it did!!! The ten minutes I actually needed to be in the shower… the little iPad guy would not work! You see I have dark brown … well black hair and I am going gray! Not too much, but just in my part… and enough where you can notice it! I used to love to go to the salon… those few hours of alone time were glorious! I would spend days picking out the photos of celebs I wanted to look like, hairstyles I loved, and the perfect cut and color!!! The problem was I just never actually loved my hair when I left. No matter where I went, how much I spent, I just didn’t love it. I decided to just stick to the good old box dye. I’m sure the hair stylists are cringing now! So this morning I put Priscilla down for a nap and attacked my pesky grays! While looking in the mirror I noticed I could use a little “at home” wax sesh as well! Come on ladies… I know for sure I am not the only one here! I used to go to the nail salon for this, but I found doing it myself with the microwave wax was way less painful and I saved a ton of money too! I’m a European girl so you can see when I need to pay a little attention to my eyebrows and lip area… there I said it… 😂… so I attacked that this morning too! I was having the perfect mommy-me-time twenty minutes and I just kept thinking to myself ” wow this is perfect”. Of course that all went down hill when the iPad died, Sophia threw a tantrum, Priscilla woke up, and I was left rushing to get the dye out of my hair. There went my blissful mommy shower I was dreaming of. So I sat and wondered why the heck do I do this to myself? Why do I decide to do these things at home? Why don’t I just give the salon another try? I know for certain my mommy mental state could use it! Is it the control aspect of knowing the outcome of my hair color every time? Or that when I pull that wax off… I control the pain?!?! So that brought me to my blog and my questions …. Moms… do you choose to go to a salon for these beauty services ?!?! Or do you do them at home like me ?!?!

I can’t be the only one!!!!

It’s ok to feel this way

It’s ok to feel this way….

Have you ever had a moment where you just cried in public? That was me today. It’s been a crazy 48 hours. We had a wicked storm that left us with no power for several hours and a flooded basement with damage to our new home. In the midst of all of the chaos from sucking the water out of the basement Sophia started to not feel well. It came on sudden and so did the nasty fever. My husband and I who were already exhausted from the day’s events didn’t get much sleep watching her and checking her temperature every hour that night. Yesterday she seemed to get worse as I monitored her per the doctors orders. I was doing everything I could to keep her hydrated and keep the fever down. We continued to deal with our flooded basement and I just kept thinking “I feel overwhelmed but I don’t have time to react!” Last night Sophia became stomach sick which led to another sleepless night… and ultimately a doctor visit today. I carried my sick little toddler with her very high fever into the doctor… and the nurse looked at me and asked… is she ok? I lost it and started to cry…. ugly public cry. I didn’t know if she was ok… she seemed so sick. As a mom you just wish you could flip a switch and fix it right then and there. I can’t make her better. I’ve watched her just lay on the couch for days which isn’t her typical toddler self…. and now she is laying in my arms. So yes mamas I cried in public today. I don’t know if it was my fear, or exhaustion, or the fact that my house was flooded…. I’m not sure but I just cried. I sat there in the doctor’s tiny office with sickness all over me … because Sophia doesn’t tolerate tests well… crying. The doctor came in and looked at me. She said it’s ok to feel this way. I stopped. She said yes she’s sick, we are going to figure out what it is and give her medicine. You’re keeping her fever down… you’re a good mom. You’re doing everything right. I said I can’t believe I cried. She smiled and said we are all moms and we have all been where you are today… remember it’s ok to feel this way.

Healthy Taco & Brown Rice Bowls

I had a totally different dinner in mind when Hubby went to the grocery store with a list of items I needed. We had a crazy storm today resulting in lost power and a flooded basement so the poor guy had his mind on other things when he was shopping for me. He came home forgetting the corn tortillas for the dinner I was going to make which forced me to think outside of the box and come up with this delish taco and rice bowl! This is a new weeknight favorite in our household!

Taco & Brown Rice Bowls

1 lb lean ground beef

1 package Mc Cormick taco seasoning

1 jalapeño

1 red bell pepper

1 yellow onion small

1 15 ounce can fire roast diced tomatoes

1 15 ounce can corn

1 15 ounce can black beans

1 15 ounce can red beans

1 15 ounce can tomato sauce

2 containers of brown minute rice (quick cook 60 second )

Chili powder

Olive oil

Salt & Pepper


Shredded cheddar cheese


Sour cream



Coat two medium to large skillets with olive oil on med / high heat. Dice onion and divide evenly into both pans. Chop peppers and add to one pan with onion. Add ground beef to skillet with onions and peppers. Cook till brown. In other skillet cook onion till slightly golden and add tomato sauce and beans, bring to a slight boil. Season with salt and pepper. Add in both containers of minute rice and cover. Leave rice alone. Add taco season and fire roasted diced tomatoes to meat skillet and stir till combined. In a small saucepan heat black beans with chili powder to taste.

Building your bowls 🙌🏼😋

I layered rice and red beans, meat mixture, black beans, corn, cheese, ( I repeated these steps again for the Hubby)!

I topped these with chopped avocado, diced tomato, shredded cheddar cheese, scallions, and sour cream! Enjoy!!

Super healthy and filling Mexican dinner! 👍🏻

Buying a family home

So much went into our decision to buy our new home. We have looked at homes for years it seems and just never found “the one”. We never knew exactly what we were looking for but always knew when it was right we would just know. A few months ago on our way home from church we decided to go to an open house, simply because we didn’t have anything else to do that afternoon. It was for a house we were not that interested in, but we thought why not. Trying to find a home that our toddler liked has been hard. She hasn’t seemed to feel settled since we moved from our condo that we sold last year and that was our number one priority. We included her in this entire process because in our family that is what is most important. If she truly didn’t like a house, or didn’t feel comfortable inside… we simply wouldn’t move forward. There was something special about this house though… Sophia walked right in as if she knew. It was a sprawling ranch, not a colonial like we had looked at in the past. She loved how everything was on one floor and there were no “monster” noises coming from upstairs, because there were no more stairs. After looking at all of the rooms inside she couldn’t wait to run through the big yard.. at that moment we knew.. this was the house. We left talking about how much fun we would have playing outside once we brought her toys there.. and all of the wonderful family memories we would make. Today was the first day we were able to make that dream a reality. We finally had nice weather in New England and it’s the first full weekend we are in our new home! We did our normal weekend errands and our traditional Stew Leonard’s trip and then came home to play outside. The girls had so much fun playing in the yard and we even grilled burgers for dinner! It’s only day one and we have started to create amazing family memories in our new home. It’s funny when we started this process we had so many ideas of what we thought we wanted. It turned out everything we ever needed was in this house on the hill. Seeing how happy our girls were today made my husband and I feel something I can’t put into words. If you’re searching for a new home like we were and having a hard time finding the perfect one, maybe putting what your family truly needs into perspective like we did will help…..or just go into a random open house and let your toddler lead the way! 🙂 I’m so glad we found this house. I love our new home.

Toddler Tantrums.. what’s really going on?!?

These past few days have been interesting. I think that’s the best word I can find to describe my three year old at this moment…. interesting. Her mood changes with the wind. She goes from happy to sad, angry to sweet in a matter of seconds. I can honestly say it’s exhausting to watch. She has adopted the name “Betty” as in “Bipolar Betty ” and I honestly at times wonder could she be bipolar? What is going on in this little human body to make her change emotions so quickly… and become so completely irrational!?!?! We were driving home to our new house yesterday and we happened to go past our old street… let me just say that caused an epic tantrum … one for the books. I think the people in the car next to me were in shock looking into the car window. My toddler was so upset and went through every single emotion. “Why did we move to a new house?” “Why did you take my toys to a new house?” “Why is daddy on a business trip?” Oh it went on and on.. with crying , kicking, screaming. After we got home and I calmed her down she actually had a long talk with me. Yes my three and a half year old decided it was time to have a conversation with me. She is so wise beyond her years. I sat in amazement and listened. She explained to me that yelling at her makes her sad, and makes her yell at me. When she kicks me it’s because she is angry and she is sorry. When I put her in her room on time out she is scared. She went on with this very adult like conversation for almost 10 minutes. That night I started to think about the source of her tantrums this week, and there have been many. I wonder if the change of moving into a new house, daddy going on a business trip, maybe my parenting ways of discipline just weren’t working for her. It’s not a one size fits all. Maybe she is sensitive. Maybe this move hit her more than an average toddler. Today I took a step back, and when she got upset and started to tantrum I didn’t engage. I stayed calm. I listened and hugged her. I realized right now she doesn’t need to know right from wrong or yes or no, she needs to know everything is ok in our new home and will be normal again. I think these tantrums were her acting out because everything was changing. I was the one that needed to stop and realize that. Hoping once things start to feel normal again for her , she will calm down and those tantrums will subside. She took comfort in fixing things. She wanted to play doctor and make sure all of her animals felt better. I guess I was on to something … she needed to make sure all of her toys were ok…..just like I need to make sure she was doing ok. I think as parents we assume our toddlers are too young to understand what is going on, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. My little girl was reaching out for attention in hopes that mommy would make it all better. Maybe the way she acted was wrong and yes I need to correct that, but right now she needs extra love and cuddles. Hope my story will help another mom, who may be wondering what is going on with their toddler’s tantrums, to look at the bigger picture like I did. 😘

Moving into a new home as a Mommy isn’t easy 😳

There are so many emotions that come with purchasing and moving into a new home. We have been so overwhelmed with pretty much every single one of those emotions this past month. We closed on our new home… a little bit of a fixer upper as you might call it..a few weeks ago. We started painting and doing minor work right away. The Easter holiday fell right when we were supposed to move in and the floors were being finished … well they still aren’t technically finished since we had the wrong measurements and were a few square feet short! It has been the perfect storm for chaos these past few days. My husband and I have held it all together while leaning on our parents to help with the girls so we can pack, load up cars, move boxes and clean. It has been a crazy 48 hours. As I sit in bed tonight I realize how even though I am overwhelmed with boxes everywhere and nothing where it needs to be yet, that isn’t my focus this move. My focus has been keeping my girls calm and making sure they are adjusting. Moving as a mommy is different. My main goal is making sure they are comfortable and not scared…That this transition goes as smoothly as it possibly can for them until we get settled. Preparing to move, moving, and unpacking isn’t easy… and it is just down right exhausting. I have forgotten to eat and drink these past few days and forget about getting any sleep. Everything becomes so much harder as a mom because you have all of the work you know you need to do plus your normal Mommy job too! It’s hard to juggle it all. I want to give a great blog post with amazing tips on moving with little kids… but I have to be honest…. I don’t have any. 🤷🏻‍♀️😂 It’s been rough mamas! Well that’s not exactly true…. most groceries stores are amazing and will save boxes for you for free to pack with!!! That’s an awesome tip! And they are great to pack almost everything in your house 👌🏻 I keep hearing I’m superwoman… I’m not so sure about that. I do know I’m exhausted … but it will all be worth it in the end.

Mommy keeps it cool… even when she’s freaking out!

Being overwhelmed and a mom are two common things that tend to just go together. I am trying my very best to not let my feelings this past week get the best of me… but it’s getting harder every day. You see we bought this amazing fixer upper, our house on the hill, and had all of these great ideas about what we would do to it once it was ours. We never really thought about the buying process and how long it would take to close on a house. Fast forward a few months and to where I am today…I am beyond overwhelmed. I am looking at this fixer upper and thinking of how much work needs to get done. Painting, floors, cleaning, and I still haven’t even packed up our current home. I lay in bed at night as exhausted as can be, but wide awake thinking of all of the things I need to do. Moving this time is different, I’m a mom of two beautiful little girls, young girls, that still need my attention. They don’t understand why mommy is tired, or why we aren’t still going about our normal routine. I’m trying to find balance and keep life normal, especially for our toddler.I want this experience to go as smoothly as possible for her. There are only so many hours in the day and I’m finding peace in needing to leave projects undone and my house a mess. Today we put together Sophia’s playroom in the new house. Seeing her smile meant the world to me. I decided even though I still have so much work that needs to be done and so many rooms that need to be packed, it is more important to snuggle with my girls. I know everything will fall into place, but I can tell they are sensing that mommy is overwhelmed … and I’m the glue that holds it all together. I need to show them it’s all going to be ok….even if at the moment I’m not so sure how. That’s what being a mommy is all about. So now I am off to fill some Easter eggs with candy for a very special preschooler’s party tomorrow… and maybe get a little sleep tonight. Even though we are in a crazy amount of chaos with renovations and packing to move… seeing the smile on my children’s face in our new home makes it all worth while. There is nothing that compares to pulling up our beautiful driveway to our first family home together. It’s priceless.

Baking together… A recipe for Memories!

Baking with your kids is so much fun… and rewarding once you get past the mess. Trust me moms. I know what you are thinking… is the clean up afterwards worth it? The answer is YES! The reward of spending that quality time with your little one in the kitchen and what they truly get out of the experience is worth so much more than those extra few minutes of clean up, take my word on that.

Getting your children involved in cooking is so important at a young age. I started baking with Sophia when she was just over a year old. It was around the holidays and I was baking and hosting like I always do. She had just started walking. She was a tiny little tot. She started talking well before she was walking so she was obviously very vocal about wanting to bake with me. I started small with her just letting her mix the batter with a spoon. Each time I would make dinner or bake in the kitchen Sophia would sit with me and would start to show more interest. As the years went by she started to grow in her abilities to help mommy. As her motor skills grew and her ability to listen to directions got better I would teach her new things and allow her to try new tasks in the kitchen.

I myself am OCD so I had to let go of how clean my kitchen was and grab hold of these moments and the memories we were making together. My kitchen counters have taken a beating with flour, fallen eggs, spilled milk, and tons of other messes. Just remember that’s what vacuums are for! Sophia is now 3 ½, she likes to tell everyone how old she is and never ever forgets that extra half! She is so involved in cooking with mommy.

She helps measure, cracks her own eggs with no assistance, and is even creating her own recipes. Some of these toddler inventions are not so great, those we have daddy try… but some truly are delicious. Like last week she decided we needed to make an apple and grape pie with just a little bit of salt and pepper in it. You know what? It was so good I will always put grapes in my apple pie from now on. Who would have thought a 3 year old could have thought something like that up?!

Want to hear the rest of Sophia’s baking adventure and of course get to this amazing Banana Pumpkin bread recipe? Follow the link below to my friends at My Komae and read the rest of my guest blog post!!!!!

Cooking Together – A Recipe For Memories

Botanico coffee… farm to cup! ☕️

Botanico coffee is a unique farm to cup coffee company that is grown in the heart of Colombia’s coffee region! I was given the opportunity to try this unique coffee and I was so excited! I’m a busy mom of two and I live on black coffee all day! I think drinking black coffee makes me some sort of a coffee snob… you seriously can taste coffee when you don’t put anything in it. It needs to be good! When I got my sample in the mail I couldn’t wait to try these adorable kcups! They fit perfectly in my keurig and are seriously so cute! I brewed my first cup and sat quietly and took my first sip… perfection! It was smooth and didn’t have that acidic taste you get from most coffees on the market. The best part was it didn’t burn my stomach like some black coffees do… and the taste was absolutely incredible! I love that they grind the beans and it is literally farm to cup! No fillers or additives! Botanico coffee is offering an awesome 20% discount till March 27th on Amazon so this is the perfect time to give their amazing coffee a try and be hooked just like we are!

Jazzygdesigns Tutus!!!! 😍

Sophia is crazy for Tutus!!!! She wears one to dance class every week, wears one to school at least once a week, and wears one dancing around the house pretty much daily!

So when I had the chance to team up with this incredible company Jazzygdesigns I jumped at the chance! I have seen my share of Tutus! I mean I can’t even count how many we have in our house… but they can’t even compare to the quality of the Jazzygdesign Tutus!

They are gorgeous, full, and handmade to perfection! Sophia is in love with her new Tutus! We were sent a few, two for Sophia and one to give to a sweet princess! Sophia had a hard time choosing which one to part with because she truly loved them all! That’s how incredible they are!!!!! We will for sure be ordering many more Tutus in the future… the very near future. Sophia already has a long list of colors mommy needs to order! 😍