Mama Needs A Break!

If you are anything like me… Or a mom…. You need a break! I am a SAHM of two toddlers and I am fried! My girls run me down. By the end of the week I am in desperate need of a shower, a glass of wine, and a therapist. There have been many times my husband has looked at me at the dinner table and asked “are you ok”? I just laugh. He seriously has no idea. He thinks he gets a glimpse into the real life on Saturday morning when I am answering emails, working out, or taking a shower… but come on that’s maybe an hour worth of time. He truly has no idea. Us moms go hard. We wake up and make sure the kids are fed, dressed, to school with snacks, and happy. We take care of our husbands, our dogs, the house. When do we take care of ourselves? I try during the week to carve out time to work out. Most days I am successful with 20-30 minutes, but that means my look is sacrificed. I cannot believe I have the guts to go out in public looking the way I do. I often wonder, what do the other moms think of me. Do they feel sorry for me… or do they totally get me. Do they feel the way I do? This brings me to my wonderful weekend… and the point to this entire blog post! Mama needs a break! Yasssssssss!!!!!!! I often fantasize about my break. Do I want to go out and sit at a coffee shop alone? Do I get my hair done, or my nails? Lord knows these can both use a lot of love right now. Do I sneak into the bathtub with a bomb and a glass of wine? Every weekend I love to carve out just a small about of time to recharge these mommy batteries and relax. I think every mom needs this. Its just to keep us sane. I think every husband knows it is exactly what needs to happen to keep the world spinning in the right direction. So I ask you … What do you do when you need a break????

Tonight I’m relaxing with a warm bath, glass of wine, and my favorite bath bombs!!!! Cheers mamas!

Dirty Bird Books!!!

Learning is an essential part of our every day life! I’m a stay at home mom of two toddler girls. My oldest daughter is 4 and in preschool and this little love will be 2 the end of May. She absolutely loves to read books and sing songs. I am not sure what she loves more! When I came across Ditty Bird Books I could not wait to have them in our home! These musical board books each come with 6 sing – a – long songs. Priscilla and I opened the books and within moments of showing her how to push the button to play the song she was doing it on her own. She is in love with these books. I am not sure if her favorite is the “happy and you know it clap your hands” or “twinkle, twinkle little star”. These books have the most soothing sounds and lyrics. I can listen to them all day… which is good because we have been. Priscilla carries them with her everywhere she goes. If you have a baby or toddler that loves books or music these are a must have in your home. They have made my girls so happy and they are PERFECT for car rides! You can find these books by following the link below! I know you will fall in love with them just like we did!

DittyBird Books

Smile Brilliant for a kissably whiter smile! 😘

Have you ever tried an at home teeth whitening system? I’m not going to lie … I have tried a few. You see my teeth have always been something I have chosen to hide. When I smile I tend to cover my mouth with my hand. I am not proud of my teeth. They are crooked, not the brightest white, and just not perfect. Growing up I competed in beauty pageants and longed to have the perfect white smile. I would brush my teeth constantly and tried every whitening product on the market. I spent so much money on products that I would paint on my teeth or strips that never stuck to my teeth, but always slid off. There was never a quick fix, and after countless dollars spent my teeth were never as white as promised on the package. When I came across Smile Brilliant I was intrigued to see how different this whitening process was. The custom made trays were awesome. I loved that you were able to make your very own teeth imprints to use for whitening. This ensures that I am able to whiten my teeth comfortably while doing other things at home. Making my custom teeth trays took just minutes and I sent the mold to the lab to get my trays created. They were sent back to me in a container ready to use with the Whitening and Desensitizing gel. The process is so simple. You place a small ribbon of the whitening gel in the imprints and place on the teeth. You leave on for 45 minutes to several hours depending on your comfort level. After whitening you rinse your teeth and repeat the steps with the sensitivity solution. This you leave on for about 20 minutes. I usually did my whitening before bed, but there were some days I would squeeze it in mid afternoon. It was so simple and comfortable to do because the teeth imprints were easy to wear. The best part about Smile Brilliant is it is compatible with sensitive teeth. I have incredibly sensitive teeth and gums and I have been able to use this system without a problem. I have always wanted a whiter smile but never followed through with other products on the market. The ones that the dentist offered were too expensive and others seemed too time consuming and unsafe. I felt like this one was perfect for me and I could not wait to share my results with everyone once I saw how amazing they were!!!! Using this system was super easy!!!

Before Image ****

The first day I opened the package I could not wait to get started!!! I immediately did my before photos so I could trace my progress!

These are the two solutions ..The Whitening gel and the Sensitivity gel!

Whitening at night after the kids went to bed became my ritual. I would take off my make up and pop in my teeth trays! Boom I’m ready to watch tv! It has also worked wonders for kicking my before bed snacking habit !!! 😋

Here is the simple method of adding the solutions to the teeth imprint trays. It takes seconds to add a ribbon of solution to the tray and pop them into your mouth. Once you’re finished be sure to rinse them thoroughly.

After Image ****

I am in love with my results!!!! My teeth are whiter and the stains are gone!!!! I feel so much more confident and absolutely love smiling!!!! My new smile is here just in time for my favorite smooching holiday!!!! Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!

GIVEAWAY TIME!!!!!!! I am so excited with my results I want to shout from the rooftops!!!! I have partnered with Smile Brilliant to give a lucky winner their very own custom whitening system!!!!! It takes seconds to enter!!!! Follow Link below!!!


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Snow Day Cookies

Snow day!!!!!! The girls are excited, but this mama is scrambling! I am not a fan of the snow. I seriously do not belong in this cold weather state. I much prefer the mild weather we have been having the past few weeks. I decided to kick my stay at home mom style into high gear and pull some tricks out of my sleeves. We made some really fun Valentines Day crafts and then decided to make some yummy cookies. As most of you know we have eliminated food dyes in our home. I was so excited to find a dye free food coloring to make our sugar cookies festive today. We ended up with a pretty shade of purple and made heart shaped cookies. Sophia had so much fun rolling out the dough and cutting out the shapes. She even made a dough mommy out of the scraps. It was a really fun and tasty afternoon activity.

We love cooking together in the kitchen. Sophia has been cooking and baking with me since she was 18 months old. She has always been interested in how things are made and had a passion for creating her own special recipes. We are always sure to practice kitchen safety and follow this great Kitchen safety checklist from Kitchen Cabinet Kings. I have it printed out and hanging on my fridge! You can download yours today!

Life After Becoming A Mom

I recently started a mom blog and fell in love with sharing my family’s crazy, funny, every day life with my followers. I came up with the name for my blog one snowy day last year, when I was in tears over the struggles of just wanting to feel “normal” again. My husband laughed at my outburst of silly tears and said, “what exactly is a normal mommy anyways?” It was in that moment the wheels in my mind started to turn and the name of my blog “Normal Mommy” was born. 

What is a normal mom anyways? I think all moms struggle with wanting to find their own way after becoming a mother. So many changes after having children, and while it’s the greatest blessing one could ever ask for, your life does get turned upside down. It’s hard not to freak out! Once we get over the excitement of pregnancy and the adjustment period of the newborn phase, we tend to stumble navigating through motherhood. We forget how to care for ourselves or take time for self-improvement. Our children become our number one priority. I am going to be honest and say there have been times when I have skipped a shower and lost count on how many days it had been since I washed my hair. There just wasn’t a dry shampoo strong enough to fix that mom look…………

Can you relate?!!!??? To finish reading this blog post, head over to Momsbeyond where my article is featured today! I am loving being a contributor to their mommy magazine website! Follow the link below!!! 🙂

Craft Time with printable masks!

Dressing up can be fun at all ages, whether it’s playing pretend games with your little ones or getting dolled up for a parent’s night out. With Mardi Gras just around the corner (March 5th!), these printable masquerade templates can bring some added mystery and fun to your evening. Personal Creations made six mask templates for kids and adults so that you can all join in on the dress-up fun.

Along with traditional Mardi Gras style masks in green, gold and purple, there are also fun animals like a ladybug and butterfly. If you’d rather be a superhero, there’s a mask for that too — just add a cape and you’ll be off to save the day! There are also blank templates you can print out and decorate on your own to maximize the creativity.

This craft is perfect for cold weather days when you’d rather stay inside. Just simply choose your mask design, print it out (preferably on cardstock), cut and wear!

These masks are perfect for all ages! My girls are 4 and almost 2 and had a blast coloring and wearing these masks this afternoon. We live in New England and are expecting snow so we were stuck inside today. I even had fun coloring one of the beautiful Mardi Gras masks myself. I forgot how therapeutic it is to color.

You can find the links to print out these awesome masks below! I used paper that was a little bit thicker than normal paper and it worked out awesome! We used a whole puncher and ribbon to make for the perfect afternoon craft! I hope you have as much fun with these masks as our family did!

Printable Masks Personal Creations

Shop My Style ! Lace Ruffle Dress

When you find a look you love… you share it with the world!!! I am loving this mint green lace accent dress with ruffle sleeves from PinkBlush!!! I paired it with cute ankle booties last night for an impromptu date night, but it can be worn with anything! I am obsessed with the neckline lace detail and the color is just stunning! This is the perfect look for Valentine’s Day or Spring! When you’re a busy mom of two toddlers, you love to have go to looks in your closet like this one! Check out this dress and other awesome finds by following the link below to Pink Blush!

Lace Ruffle Dress

Afternoon Craft Time!

This week we kicked off the Valentine’s Day holiday month in our house! The girls had a blast playing outside this afternoon, which is an unexpected surprise in February. After nap time I decided we would do some fun crafts that both my four year old and one year old would equally enjoy. I looked to Pinterest for inspiration. My girls loved ripping the pink and red paper to glue on the heart. I think all kids love to rip paper. It is just so much fun! This craft was so simple and fun for both girls. Priscilla my one year old liked putting the paper on the glue in the middle of the heart, and my oldest enjoyed taking her time to make a perfect decoration. Both ” I love you to pieces” crafts came out adorable! My oldest loves to paint so the next craft was simple and fun! I traced the girls hands and arms to make a tree and glued it to white paper. I put green paper behind the hand to resemble the tree. I let the girls finger paint with pink and red paint. They both had so much fun with this finger painting craft! These afternoon projects were a hit!

Get to know Normal Mommy

It’s the New Year… Get to Know Normal Mommy!

I figured since the New Year is well on its way, I would take a few moments and share some fun facts about myself and my family! I reside in New England with my husband of almost six years and our two beautiful daughters. We absolutely love living here and think it is one of the most gorgeous places in the world. The seasons here are stunning and the food is fabulous. I love being a stay at home mom in our small suburbia town. This coming year our oldest daughter will be starting kindergarten and I must be honest and tell you I am not ready at all! I think I will have a greater adjustment period then she will. I decided to start my mom blog when I was pregnant with my second daughter. The idea came one snowy day when we couldn’t leave the house. I suffer from a rare migraine condition called hemiplegic migraine and it truly rules my life. During pregnancy my condition is bad, and I become down. I wanted to start a blog to be able to reach out to other moms about my condition and maybe even be able to help someone that was going through what I was. I had no clue how to start a blog or even what my name would be, I just knew how badly I needed an outlet. I sat with tears in my eyes and told my husband how badly I wanted to be “normal” one day. He smiled and reminded me that I was a “normal mom”. This was the moment my blog was born and the day I started Normal Mommy. I had no idea what it would become. This little business that I had envisioned as an outlet for my medical condition became a wonderful mom blog where I can share my condition, recipes,fun crafts, daily activities, and so much more. My girls absolutely love to participate in trying and reviewing awesome new products that come our way and I feel like an accomplished mom boss. I never knew that a stay at home mom with a dream could really turn it all into a profitable business. I am so excited to share my blog with my followers in hope to bring a smile to someone’s face with our crazy, normal, everyday life! I thought it would be fun to share some fun facts about myself with my growing followers so here are 10 fun facts about Normal Mommy!

  1. I am not a 100% Italian but if you met my family you would swear, we came out of an old school Italian movie… we even make our own homemade wine. Old school press and all!!!!
  2. I am 18 years younger than my brother and sister. I basically grew up like an only child at home but have the most awesome relationship with my siblings! I was a surprise!!!
  3. I love to cook…. But NEVER follow a recipe! I would rather make up my own any day of the week! I have only seriously failed twice that I can recall. Ask my husband about the lemon meatballs!
  4. Anxiety is my worst enemy. I worry about absolutely everything in the world. If there is a problem… you bet I will google it!
  5. My husband and I met over 10 years ago but waited years to go on a date! By the time we went on our first date we were sharing sushi… engaged six months later… and the rest is history.
  6. I live in New England, but really don’t like cold weather activities. You will not catch me on the slopes!!!! I barely like to make a snowman in the yard.
  7. I competed in beauty pageants for a large part of my life and won several State and National titles. It was a very cool part of my life.
  8. I am 100% OCD! If I don’t clean my house everyday… then I am probably sick. Even then I find a way to clean.
  9. I have a fiery personality and a heart bigger than my body. I once spent over 30 minutes making my husband lunch… and in the fit of pregnancy hormones smashed his sandwich because he took a phone call. Gosh we laugh about this now. He still enjoyed his lunch and says it was one of the best sandwiches I have ever made!
  10.  I am Holiday crazy! If it’s a Holiday, we decorate and celebrate it at our house! We normally decorate, bake, and cook for the occasion. I love to Pinterest fun ideas and make a celebration for the kids! I feel making memories is what life is all about!!!!!

Well that is some fun stuff about me!!!! I would love to hear more about my followers too!!!

When life takes over …

I had my resolutions set… I felt like I was in a groove and I was doing awesome. My family was getting healthy, I was working out every day, my blog was reaching new heights… and I was working so hard on my Normal Mommy brand. Life was going great the beginning of 2019 in this normal Mommy household. I was having a great snow day with our little family. Football was on the tv, yummy food was in the oven, and awesome memories were being made. What more could you ask for. Suddenly a tree fell in our yard and life just kind of stopped for a few minutes. Thankfully we are all safe and our home is ok. For the past few weeks we have been working on the damage this tree has left behind with the power outage, power surge, fried wires, below freezing temps, and just mentally exhausted parents. We came out of the last few weeks beyond thankful to have our family, our home, and in the grande scheme of it all… minimal damage compared to what could have been. Yes this could have been way worse. I sit back and look at my blog, my business, my extra things that mean so much to me and realized that I have neglected to give them my all in the midst of the madness at home. I thought about writing so many times and I would sit down and start a post but it just never had inspiration. I have to be honest and say I went through a little bit of a depressed phase the last two weeks. My life flipped upside down. We were not staying at our house, we had to worry about things from a financial stand point, I was stress eating, my migraines came back. I was just not myself. I realized when I felt this way I was not able to care for anyone until I cared for myself. I needed to get back to square one. Find beauty in the little things. Spend quality time with my family… find blessings in what we were given… be thankful. Today I jumped back into my fitness routine, and it felt amazing. This got my mindset back on track! My girls and I took this snow day we are having and had a blast painting while listening to music. I finally felt like me again. I think every mom goes through moments of feeling like less of a Super Hero and it’s ok to be brutally honest with yourself in those moments too! My family loves me in those moments even more!