Baking together… A recipe for Memories!

Baking with your kids is so much fun… and rewarding once you get past the mess. Trust me moms. I know what you are thinking… is the clean up afterwards worth it? The answer is YES! The reward of spending that quality time with your little one in the kitchen and what they truly get out of the experience is worth so much more than those extra few minutes of clean up, take my word on that.

Getting your children involved in cooking is so important at a young age. I started baking with Sophia when she was just over a year old. It was around the holidays and I was baking and hosting like I always do. She had just started walking. She was a tiny little tot. She started talking well before she was walking so she was obviously very vocal about wanting to bake with me. I started small with her just letting her mix the batter with a spoon. Each time I would make dinner or bake in the kitchen Sophia would sit with me and would start to show more interest. As the years went by she started to grow in her abilities to help mommy. As her motor skills grew and her ability to listen to directions got better I would teach her new things and allow her to try new tasks in the kitchen.

I myself am OCD so I had to let go of how clean my kitchen was and grab hold of these moments and the memories we were making together. My kitchen counters have taken a beating with flour, fallen eggs, spilled milk, and tons of other messes. Just remember that’s what vacuums are for! Sophia is now 3 ½, she likes to tell everyone how old she is and never ever forgets that extra half! She is so involved in cooking with mommy.

She helps measure, cracks her own eggs with no assistance, and is even creating her own recipes. Some of these toddler inventions are not so great, those we have daddy try… but some truly are delicious. Like last week she decided we needed to make an apple and grape pie with just a little bit of salt and pepper in it. You know what? It was so good I will always put grapes in my apple pie from now on. Who would have thought a 3 year old could have thought something like that up?!

Want to hear the rest of Sophia’s baking adventure and of course get to this amazing Banana Pumpkin bread recipe? Follow the link below to my friends at My Komae and read the rest of my guest blog post!!!!!

Cooking Together – A Recipe For Memories

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