Mommy’s Magic Spray…QurSkin!

I have always been the all natural approach kind of mom… but when it comes to injuries, bites, burns, or stings, I need something in my medicine cabinet I know will work. I found QurFamily on Instagram and I knew I needed to try it for myself! This product is amazing! It works on everything. I have used it on bug bites and it has stopped the itch! I have used it on a bruised knee… it has taken the inflammation down so quickly! I have used it on my cut and it worked over night. When Sophia calls this “Mommy’s Magic Spray” I laugh… but I can’t deny she has a point. I really love this spray and I am so happy to have it in my medicine cabinet. I think it’s a family must have product!!!

Family time… making memories*

This past weekend was filled with activities, events, and most importantly family time. Sophia had soccer and taekwondo on Saturday and we knew we wanted to get some yard work done. This was the first official weekend of Fall here in New England and our family took full advantage of it. We made not one but two trips to our local Stew Leonard’s. The girls were so excited to see the pumpkins set up and the corn maze! This year Priscilla was able to join Sophia in the festive activities. It was adorable for Jason and I to watch the girls have so much fun. We bought pumpkins and other things to decorate our front yard. This is the first time decorating the outside of our new home. Sunday was filled with spontaneous errands and fun treats. We even decided to have dinner in the living room and called it a picnic. The girls giggled all weekend… and so did my husband and I. This weekend wasn’t really “exciting” so to speak, but it was memorable. We made adventures out of just being together as a family. Making memories is what it is all about. This is going to be one of my favorite weekends to remember!

Mom Insecurities … We all have them!

What are you insecure about? What is something that holds you back from doing that one thing you’re really excited about or hoping will change your life for the better? After a conversation with a friend about insecurities I got to thinking … what really goes on in these mommy brains of ours? We work so hard to have our beautiful children… we are so exhausted each and every day and still strive for perfection within ourselves. We want so badly to find a glimpse of the women we once were before we became known as “Mommy”. I get it… I am one of those women. I find myself in this never ending cycle of contentment and longing for who I once was. Don’t get me wrong I am head over heals in love with my life. I have the most amazing husband and two beautiful daughters… but I miss my old body before kids. I miss my old hair… my old skin… gosh my list could go on for hours. I find myself at times trying new styles in hopes to find a “new me” … only to find disappointment… hence my new look. So here I am… right smack in the middle of my current insecurity… my short hair. I hate it and wish so badly I never had that weak moment and glass of wine at the salon. But let’s be real I’m not paying a crazy amount of money on extensions so I will have to love this new me. I think every single mom can say they have an insecurity. I think we all have something about us that we wish we could change or we hope and pray the next mom isn’t noticing. If it’s not about our hair, it’s our weight, or clothing, or home, or the car we drive. It’s crazy to think we spend so much time worrying about what others might be thinking we are missing the fact that they aren’t even paying attention. Now don’t get me wrong… there is such a thing as mom shammer. They exist and you will encounter them…. but my guess is they are just hiding something deep, dark, and fugly about themselves. So my hope is that I can stop thinking about what I am insecure about and start enjoying the little things in life that make me smile. So if your a mom who doesn’t want to host a play date because your house isn’t as grand as some of your friends… host away! If you’re the mama who was nervous to go to that gym class because you didn’t feel thin enough… go rock it and return again tomorrow feeling stronger than ever! Let’s start a trend of strong moms that support one another in this crazy thing called motherhood.

Chicken Fajita “Nachos”

I ran to the store this afternoon in a hurry like I normally do on a Monday afternoon. I have a short window of time between school pickup and dance class. I needed to figure out a quick and healthy dinner and I was drawing a blank! I had both girls with me and Sophia was running around ShopRite with her mini cart… which never helps the situation. As I stood in the produce isle with my “go to grocery item”… a rotisserie chicken, I came across these mini peppers. I immediately had a dinner idea… Chicken Fajita Nachos! I knew dinner had to be something quick and easy because I get home from dance class at 5:30 and I didn’t already have dinner prepared for tonight. I was so excited to find this bag of mini peppers because these would be the perfect “nacho chips” for my dinner. I rushed through the store grabbing the few items I needed and was out the door in just minutes! This dinner was a quick prep, super delicious, and healthy too! I couldn’t wait to get the girls to bed and share it with all of you!!! I think this will be a week night favorite for you too!!!!

Chicken Fajita “Nachos”

Rotisserie Chicken

Mc Cormick fajita seasoning

Mini sweet peppers

Shredded cheddar cheese (1/4 cup)

Diced tomatoes (1/4) cup

Scallions (1/4) cup

Sour cream topping 🙂

Heat chicken pieces in pan with seasoning mix with water and mix well. Cut peppers long way and place on cookie sheet. Spray with cooking spray and broil for a few minutes till lightly brown. Take out and spread chicken and cheese on top. Place back in the oven on broil till lightly brown and bubbly. Take out and add tomatoes, scallions, sour cream. Enjoy! 😊

Snowflake ❄️Building Blocks

A moms greatest vision for playtime is finding a toy that can keep her child entertained while they are learning and having fun. We came across Babilynstore and found these really awesome Snowflake Building Blocks. Sophia has so much fun playing with this interactive learning toy! Each and every time she takes these snowflakes out her imagination runs wild and she creates something new and exciting. These blocks are amazing for improving fine motor skills! The link below will take you directly to these mind boggling blocks!

The website has so many great toys to offer! From pretend play to blocks… to early development and so much more… there is something for every child. This website carries not only the popular toys that your child loves, but also the hard to find ones too! Check them out today!

Parenting a strong willed child…

As I sit here trying to find an article to make me feel better about my day.. or a quote to lighten the mood… I realize today just down right sucked. There is no better way to put it. Today was awful! I think every parent has these days. The days when your child is just awful in public no matter what special activity you had planned for them. They throw the absolute worst tantrum you have ever seen in the middle of a parking lot, for the world to see and turn into a dead fish and won’t go into their car seat. Yup today was one of those days. I think I went through every phase of parenting. The counting … the loss of privileges… the time outs… the yelling… the crying.. oh yes I cried…. the behavior chart.. you name it I tried it today. Nothing at all seemed to work. My child is off the handle today and I can’t for the life of me understand why. I planned the sweetest tea party with nana today for her and she was crazy there. I was so embarrassed trying to keep my composure till we got in the car… but it was an awful lunch. The drive home was worse. I tried everything with my strong willed child … but boy nothing worked. Her tantrum this afternoon was insane! She ran into my husband’s home office screaming while he was on a work call… I think you all can imagine how well that went over… yup you guessed it… not well! The day ended and we said ok… a family walk is what we all need. We headed to the town green and our child went crazy because her pirate costume was not right… tantrum explosion! There was no calming her down.. ten minutes in fact… it was ugly people… and then I had theugly mom cry all the way home. So why… why I ask why do our children do this to us?! Why are some days just like this…?!?! Is it lack of sleep?!?! Over stimulation ?!?! Is it that they are just sooooo set in their little ways that they can’t handle one thing not going their way ?! How many moms out there feel like they are losing this battle.. and honestly losing their minds along with me?! I read these articles about parenting and I try. I really try to do it all right. I make the charts. I do the counting. I give consequences. I take away privileges. But when your child looks at you and says.. ” ok ok.. I know I’m going to lose a privilege” it kind of loses its luster. Or what about… ” are you going to say 3!?! ” She just turned 4 last month! I must be missing something! I read somewhere that she is going to be something truly great one day based on this personality of hers… well I don’t doubt that one bit! But I need to get through this thing called parenting to see it ! Mamas we need to form a sisterhood here… to get through this thing called parenting a strong willed child! That and it’s acceptable to have a drink on the week nights ! 😉

Getting back on track!

I have been wanting to get back on track with my diet and workouts for a while now. I always try to eat healthy but I am not losing that last few pounds. I have gotten to a point where I am not making time for myself during the day. I am running around like crazy with the girls, taking care of the house, my business, and before I know it the day is over. Today I decided it was time to start taking care of myself again. I am always saying I will start Monday… but not this week. This week Wednesday sounded great! I didn’t want to go another day! I had enough! I knew I was eating really healthy and I was tired of the occasional cheat meal… it was time! I put Priscilla in her playpen and gave Sophia the option to workout with me or play on her iPad. She surprisingly lasted half the workout. I did a thirty minute home workout and felt great about it! Today was day one of twenty one days! I remember how great I felt when I first completed this series! It takes 21 days to break a bad habit… and 21 days to make a change! I am ready for a change! I would love to lose 10-15 lbs but I would also like to start to feel better. My migraines are effected by what I eat and I need to seriously change that. I am so tired half way through the day … I need to change that. I just want to feel better about myself. I want to feel good again. So here I am on day one. I want to challenge myself to do 21 days of working out and eating healthy! I want to break bad habits and form new ones! Along this journey I am going to make awesome healthy recipes, try new and fun workouts and post my journey right here for everyone to see! I hope you join me on my quest to feel better and drop my last few postpartum pounds! I can’t wait to hear your stories and recipes too!!! 😊

Thai Fakeout Lunch 🙌🏻

My love for takeout .. especially Thai is real!!! Have you ever wondered what is really in your take out?!?! How many calories you’re really eating?!?! We recently decided to try to be a little more cautious of our budget and waistline. I have decided to recreate some of our favorite recipes and try some awesome news ones! Each and every week I search Pinterest for some exciting new meals to try! Sometimes I recreate them and others I just try them out! This meal seemed awesome on its own! The only thing I swapped out was I used brown minute rice! It was an awesome lunch and would have been great for dinner too!!!! Link to the recipe below!! Hope you enjoy!!! 🤗

8ThePlate Makes Meal Time Great!!!!

Over the Summer, I’ve had the opportunity to try this plate with my girls and now I can finally shout from the roof tops how amazing it is!!! 8ThePlate launched yesterday and they’re ready to share this innovative product with the world! If you have picky eaters this is the plate for your family!! In fact, if you have any type of eater at all… this is the plate for you!!! It makes it exciting for children to try new things by using compartments to place each item in. It then uses a fun turning mechanism which enables your child to find their next exciting mini meal! I usually place familiar foods, something new to try, and a treat! The concept is the compartments are numbered 1-8 and the children get to eat the numbers till they have 8 the plate! It is a fun interactive way to eat! My daughter is the pickiest eater in the world and she has fallen in love with this plate! She loves the idea that she is in control of her eating. She loves the game behind the compartments and getting to the next item, and of course the treat at the end! When I discovered this plate I had to contact the owners and share my love for their concept. I fell so in love with it I wanted to be an integral part of spreading awareness about it! See below for a link to their website and how you can own one of these amazing plates for your family! You will not be dissapointed!!! If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to ask me!! You can comment here or send an email to

Dr Pops Natural ! A pop a day keeps the dr away :)

Since we are back in school and our normal routine of activities I am back to making sure the girls stay healthy. The most important part of being healthy aside from constant hand washing is immune system health. I want to make sure I keep my girls immune systems healthy and ready to fight off the infections that might be lingering this upcoming school season. I give my girls a daily vitamin but I also wanted to find something that had extra vitamin C and Zinc to give a little extra boost. I came across these Dr Pops and I had to give them a try! They are jam packed with Vitamin C and Zinc and taste great! They are lolly pops which are already a huge win for this household. They are fun to eat and help with our daily vitamin intake! We love Dr Pops Natural Pops!  You can find them on Amazon.