Am I the only one…?

Y’all am I the only one that opts to do my beauty care at home?

I didn’t think much of my little monthly routine until this morning. I was in the shower washing away my hair dye… yes I dye my own hair. And Sophia was banging on the glass shower doors because her iPad died. Of course it did!!! The ten minutes I actually needed to be in the shower… the little iPad guy would not work! You see I have dark brown … well black hair and I am going gray! Not too much, but just in my part… and enough where you can notice it! I used to love to go to the salon… those few hours of alone time were glorious! I would spend days picking out the photos of celebs I wanted to look like, hairstyles I loved, and the perfect cut and color!!! The problem was I just never actually loved my hair when I left. No matter where I went, how much I spent, I just didn’t love it. I decided to just stick to the good old box dye. I’m sure the hair stylists are cringing now! So this morning I put Priscilla down for a nap and attacked my pesky grays! While looking in the mirror I noticed I could use a little “at home” wax sesh as well! Come on ladies… I know for sure I am not the only one here! I used to go to the nail salon for this, but I found doing it myself with the microwave wax was way less painful and I saved a ton of money too! I’m a European girl so you can see when I need to pay a little attention to my eyebrows and lip area… there I said it… 😂… so I attacked that this morning too! I was having the perfect mommy-me-time twenty minutes and I just kept thinking to myself ” wow this is perfect”. Of course that all went down hill when the iPad died, Sophia threw a tantrum, Priscilla woke up, and I was left rushing to get the dye out of my hair. There went my blissful mommy shower I was dreaming of. So I sat and wondered why the heck do I do this to myself? Why do I decide to do these things at home? Why don’t I just give the salon another try? I know for certain my mommy mental state could use it! Is it the control aspect of knowing the outcome of my hair color every time? Or that when I pull that wax off… I control the pain?!?! So that brought me to my blog and my questions …. Moms… do you choose to go to a salon for these beauty services ?!?! Or do you do them at home like me ?!?!

I can’t be the only one!!!!

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