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My mommy fashion is mostly built on yoga pants and tank tops. I find myself longing for the days when I would find the time to fix my hair and makeup and put on designer clothes before walking out of the house. These days the most I achieve before opening the door is making sure I am not sporting any unknown stains on my mama attire. When my second born turned one I decided it was time to start working on myself again. I wanted to find the time to look good and care about my fashion. There are still those special days when I am in my comfy clothes, but now I also have days when I am dressed up and looking fashionable. I have found as a mom my idea of what it takes to look good has changed so much. I used to think it meant hours in the bathroom primping. Now I know it means the right clothing and an amazing statement piece of jewelry. My favorite type of statement piece hands down is a watch. I just love how it can change an entire outfit’s appearance. I never really thought about how many options there were in the world until I became an adult. Haha. When I find myself looking at a person’s appearance, my eyes always travel to what type of watch they are wearing. I recently came across a really awesome watch company called Jord Wood Watches. They are handcrafted, luxury wood watches. I was so excited to get my hands on one! The craftmanship is breathtaking. They have so many different types to chose from. I fell in love with the timeless look of the Hyde (Kosso and Gray) edition…. I think my husband secretly did too. This watch can be worn by anyone. It is a true statement piece. I have worn it out several times to happy hour, church on Sunday, and on date night to name a few. I have felt so confident and fashionable in this stunning watch. There really is something to be said about the term “look good feel good.” When I look my best, I truly feel amazing. Like I said in the beginning of this blog post, yes I am a busy mom of two little girls and you will likely find me in yoga pants… but on those days when I am feeling like being fashionable…. You will find me cleaned up, dressed nice, and sporting a gorgeous watch from Jord Wood Watches.
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