8ThePlate Makes Meal Time Great!!!!

Over the Summer, I’ve had the opportunity to try this plate with my girls and now I can finally shout from the roof tops how amazing it is!!! 8ThePlate launched yesterday and they’re ready to share this innovative product with the world! If you have picky eaters this is the plate for your family!! In fact, if you have any type of eater at all… this is the plate for you!!! It makes it exciting for children to try new things by using compartments to place each item in. It then uses a fun turning mechanism which enables your child to find their next exciting mini meal! I usually place familiar foods, something new to try, and a treat! The concept is the compartments are numbered 1-8 and the children get to eat the numbers till they have 8 the plate! It is a fun interactive way to eat! My daughter is the pickiest eater in the world and she has fallen in love with this plate! She loves the idea that she is in control of her eating. She loves the game behind the compartments and getting to the next item, and of course the treat at the end! When I discovered this plate I had to contact the owners and share my love for their concept. I fell so in love with it I wanted to be an integral part of spreading awareness about it! See below for a link to their website and how you can own one of these amazing plates for your family! You will not be dissapointed!!! If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to ask me!! You can comment here or send an email to lindsay@normalmommy.com.


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