Migraine Planning for our Trip

It’s the morning of our road trip and I am awake before the rest of the family. To be honest I am awake before the sun today. I can not sleep because I have so many things on my to do list swirling around my head. We are heading out for a little family weekend away. The girls are so excited which means I have even more pressure to feel ok! I packed all of the essentials like clothes, cold weather gear, and snacks… but now I need to worry about my health. As a mom with a medical condition (Hemiplegic Migraine) I always have to think and be one step ahead. I need to plan out what my medications will be and what my days will look like. It’s like I am a behind the scenes person for a beautiful play. We have a jam packed trip filled with Santa, Christmas lights, and rides. Most people would be very excited, however migraine patients know some of these things are triggers. I do not want my girls to worry about me and I want to have fun. I decided to pack my normal medications and some other things in my emergency kit. I have magnesium, my migraine glasses, lots of water, and motion sickness bands. I also plan to eat as clean as I possibly can to keep my inflammation down. This trip is so exciting and we love to travel, so I will keep you posted on my tips and tricks! Stay tuned for our upcoming December Disney trip and how I mom with migraine! 🥰

Hemiplegic Migraine

Avulux Glasses

Calm Magnesium

SmarTrike 3in1 Bike

A smile every kid should have on their face !

We set out on a mission at our local Walmart store to find the new SmarTrike 3 in 1 bike! This bike is so awesome! It starts out as a balance bike to teach children how to ride a bike. Once the child is confident you can easily add the pedals. As the child grows the bike extends to grow with them. This bike is truly the only one you will ever need to purchase. We love it because it allows us to clear up a lot of space in our garage and donate several other ride on toys. This is the perfect gift for the holiday season!

smArt Pixelator! Holiday wish list item!!!

Have you started buying Christmas gifts for your kids yet? We have started making a list of toys that our girls would love… and also toys that would keep their imagination moving. We absolutely love this smArt Pixelator! We are able to connect it to our Bluetooth device and create tons of awesome 2D and 3D fun pictures with their special app! You use fun pegs, sequins, and special beads, and follow along the colored lights to make your creation. Not only is this an awesome toy it is also a TOTY finalist. I highly recommend this toy for any time of the year especially for the Holiday season! You can find it now on Amazon and Target for 59.99!