Night Terrors

I’ve been a little MIA recently. To be honest I haven’t had the words or maybe it’s the energy to compose a blog post. We have been going through almost 2 weeks of night terrors. If you have gone through them, you are most likely nodding your head understanding what we have been going through, if not this is a good one to save for the future.

We moved into our new home exactly a year ago. This is the third time we’ve moved in Sophia’s 4 years. We had a condo before we had Priscilla and rented a house before we bought this current home. Our new home has 4 bedrooms, but is very spread out so we have decided to have the girls share a room. We knew once Pricilla was old enough that would be awesome… but until then it would be a difficult sleeping situation. Sophia has been in our master bedroom for a year now. She is simply scared to be alone and we also didn’t want her to wake her baby sister. We recently got to the point where Priscilla knew Sophia was with us and Priscilla was refusing to sleep. It was the perfect storm to begin the “room sharing” transition.

The biggest part of our transition was taking down Priscilla’s crib and giving her a toddler bed. While Sophia was at school we transformed their room and brought her twin bed from our bedroom into their room. We placed the twin bed and toddler bed next to each other and created their shared sister room. We knew they would be excited, but we also knew we were in for a few nights of no sleep. We had no idea we were in for weeks of night terrors.

The first night was not too bad. Priscilla had napped really well in her big girl bed so that transition went amazing. The girls went to sleep with a few tears, mostly from Sophia, and slept for four hours. Jason and I were high fiving. We went into the room at midnight and thought ok now one of us will sleep on the blow up mattress for the the rest of the night. Not too bad. It was the next night we weren’t ready for.

Night terrors are crazy, you cannot wake your child, you cannot talk to them. They have no idea you are there. You can basically watch them struggle and do nothing. Sophia started to thrash about 10:40 and scream for me. I was right next to her. This continued till 3 am. We tried everything to comfort her, but nothing worked. It’s as if they are having the worst dreams ever and wanting you, but you can’t help them. Her eyes would open but she couldn’t see me. This happened every night for a week at the same time…. we couldn’t help her. We tried to move her into our bed and it didn’t help. It would wake her sister too. We would be repeating bed time several times in one night. I tried waking her before the expected terror, water, bathroom breaks, lavender oil, nothing worked. The worst of the terrors was two nights ago. Sophia got up out of her bed, and walked down our hallway. Thank God we have a Ranch Style home. She turned around when we ran after her. She looked right at us, but had no idea she was looking at us. She was sleep walking. We didn’t know what to do. We guided her back to bed and then the night terrors began. I just sat down and cried.

This is harder on the parent to watch than it is on the child. From what I have read, and what the doctor has told me, it’s not harmful at all for the child. The child is just going to be exhausted. It is just so hard to watch your child struggle and you can’t help them. I think she will grow out of it. I pray she does. This is our third round of night terrors in her little four years of life. I know we are doing the right thing moving her into her own room, but my heart is breaking. I ask her in the morning what she was dreaming about and she doesn’t remember. I am just going to keep moving forward, keeping her days happy, and drinking as much coffee as I can.

Moms with Migraines

Do you suffer from migraines like I do? They tend to rule my life and my daily decisions. I am always faced with making plans based on whether I have a migraine, or if one comes, how we will handle the day. I have had these migraines since I was 9 years old. They have gotten worse as I have gotten older, and that is difficult as a mom. You are supposed to be the one that makes everything better and kisses the boo boos away. You are not supposed to be the sick one. As my oldest who is now 4 gets older, she is starting to understand more about my Hemiplegic Migraine condition. She now worries about me getting sick and if I will miss out on fun family outings. I am always looking for ways to care for myself and be sure to be the healthiest and best prepared I can be with my migraine condition. I take daily preventative medications, I eat a healthy diet, and I try to get as much sleep as I can. I do all the things anyone with migraines knows to do to stay in the clear as best as we can. There are certain things that we cannot control that tend to trigger our migraines however, and for these things we need a little extra help. Stress, the weather, and light are things that can wreak havoc on our heads. Light has been a huge issue for me. I love the sunshine. It makes me happy, but it also kills my head. The sunlight hurts my head and the glare it leaves on objects and cars driving by at times makes it difficult for me to function in society. I also have a hard time driving at night for the same reasons. The headlights on cars tend to really bother my eyes. I usually ask my husband to drive if we are going somewhere together or I tend to shy away from night time events. I started to research glasses for migraines to see if there was any hope for me to live a normal life and came across Avulux. These glasses were exactly what I had been hoping for. The lenses are currently nonprescription (though they mention they will be providing a prescription lens solution soon) and are made to block the wavelengths of light that cause migraines to help prevent, treat, and lessen the effects of migraine. The best part about finding these glasses was they are cute too. I contacted the company to learn more and told them about my migraine condition. I loved learning about the thought process that went into creating these glasses and the trial period of testing these glasses on migraine patients. The bottom line is, they care about the migraine community, and to me that means a lot. I decided to order my first pair of glasses in the BLI style. I couldn’t wait to try them out. They arrived a few days later and I have since worn them about a week. I am happy to report they are by far the best I have found to block the sun glare that has been the hardest and worst trigger for me. I plan to continue wearing the glasses for a few weeks and documenting my findings. I am excited to see how the glasses work for me driving at night, and in a department store. For a migraine sufferer like myself (15+ migraine days a month), they say it is best to wear the glasses all the time during your normal daily activity. Customers with fewer migraine days can simply place them on once they notice their first migraine symptom. Though they should be worn during any known migraine triggering events, like driving in my case. I can’t wait to share this great product with you and how I feel using it over the next few weeks! I will say the glasses look great on. They have a slight tint to them, not as dark as a pair of sunglasses, so you are able to wear them indoors. Stay tuned and for now you can check them out by following the link below! If you have any questions about these glasses or just want to talk migraines feel free to reach out!

Learning about science

We love to learn in our house. On T days .. ( Tuesday and Thursday) we spend the day learning and exploring new things. We decided to use our new Big and Fun Microscope and learn and bugs. Well, almost all bugs except spiders, we don’t like spiders. ( Sophia says 😊 )

Our Big and Fun Microscope come with really fun slides and a book to follow along. We love learning about biology and science. There is so much to learn about in this book. Bug, the earth, people, and so much more. We can’t wait for the next T day to spend more day learning at home!!!

Imaginary Play

We love toys that spark the imagination. Magformers do just that. Sophia had so much fun building her police station and trucks while dressed in her favorite police costume from Melissa and Doug. We love to encourage her to use her imagination and have fun while learning. She played with this toy for hours. Magformers are magnetic building blocks and can be use to create many different objects for hours of fun.

Being a Mom

The greatest thing I could ever be is their mom. I look at these two girls are I feel so blessed. They bring so much love into my life and more happiness than I could have ever known. Being a mom is more than I ever dreamed it would be. I am the one they depend on and count on. I kiss the boo boos and make the best sandwiches. I am there for the good, the bad, and the down right scariest tantrums in the world. I sacrifice a shower more times than I would like to admit for their happiness. My body isn’t what it used to be, but I am so proud of the woman I am today. I love every curve, every stripe, and even the extra few pounds that made me the mom I am today. I am so proud to have created these spunky, smart, and courageous little girls. I’m so thankful they call me Mommy.

Have you walked in her shoes?

I’ve been thinking a lot about being a mom and all that comes along with it. From the moment you find out you are pregnant your world suddenly changes. You start to worry about every little thing. From that moment on your life is no longer your own. As a mom you are the caretaker of the home, the therapist, the chef, the doctor, you name the role… I bet you own it. Have you ever really stopped to wonder what it does to your body… your soul? I have recently been, I guess you would say, the victim; however, I don’t like to use this word lightly, of mom judgment or shaming. You know what I have to say about it… It sucks! There is no candy coating involved in this statement, it just down right sucks. I have spent my adult years in a no judgment zone. I cannot say the same for my naïve teenage and college self, but the woman I have become has grown in a different direction. I have a respect for others in a way that helps me to view life in a way that makes me understand that instead of judging someone for what they may do or say, wonder what drove them in that direction. As far as mom life is concerned, have you ever looked at a mom and wondered what must her morning have been like? I have been on both ends of this spectrum. I have been the mom wondering and I am certain I have been the one being judged. There have been days that no matter what you envisioned could go right, has gone wrong. Breakfast was burned and that was the last piece of bread. The stomach bug just happened to hit your home unexpectedly, your husband lost his job, there is a health concern in your family, your toddler is on their third tantrum and its only 8am. All these things could be happening to a mom you pass in the grocery store, but you have no idea what she is going through. My point is you have a decision to make, you can judge her based on her attire, her demeanor or choose to smile at her and pray her day gets better. I wonder what the mom community would be like if we truly cared more about one another and less about judging each other. I challenge you to look at a mom you either want to get to know, or maybe have neglected taking the time to, and ask yourself… have you walked in her shoes? Life is hard, being a mom is hard, we need each other to get through this thing called motherhood.

Today I had a very unexpected situation happen while I was at Lowe’s with my two daughters. I was struggling to load 130 stone blocks onto a cart with both girls patiently waiting next to me with Nana. It took me longer than expected and the girls were restless. Priscilla was starting to cry and a women became very upset with my children’s behavior. She was incredibly rude to us and even went as far as to swear at myself and my children. Honestly it was one of the most bizarre situations I have ever encountered in my life. After spending so much energy picking up these stones my only response was I will pray for you. I went on with my day, but couldn’t help but wonder what drove that women to have so much anger towards me and my children. I for sure was not having the best day ever… and I can’t imagine she thought treating me this way would make my day any better. I just pray these sorts of things wouldn’t continue to happen to other moms. We are strong and do so much for our families. We need to lift each other up.