Turmeric for a Healthy lifestyle with HealthPlus

One thing is for certain, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a top priority for me. With my rare, and at times complicated, medical condition, I am always finding ways to stay on top of my health and find natural ways to care for my body. I am an active mom of two toddler girls and I need to keep up with their every day activities. This means I need to stay in great shape. As I start to age, I want to be sure my body keeps up. I have found a beneficial product line that I love. The main component is Turmeric which I’ve used in my kitchen for years for its health benefits.

Turmeric is a spice that has a warm bitter taste. It is usually used in a lot of foods to add flavor or color. The root of it is used for medicine because it contains a chemical called curcumin which is used for many ailments. It is believed the chemical curcumin decreases swelling and inflammation and may be beneficial in many medical conditions of the human body. For me and my Hemiplegic Migraine condition this is key. When there is inflammation in my brain, I tend to have more episodes then when my brain and body have little to no inflammation. I started to add Turmeric to my tea and my meals for its anti-inflammatory benefits. I like to find the best and most natural ways to stay as healthy as I can. This is what led me to find the Health Plus product line.

Health Plus Inc has a Turmeric line that is awesome for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The digest, heart, and joint capsules are all awesome in their own unique ways. They are formulated with the purest form of turmeric root powder and root extract to help assist the body in its proper function. I think my favorite product is the digest. I just love how it makes my tummy feel. Gut absorption is so important for a chronic migraine patient or really anyone. This product speaks volumes for helping bad bacteria and toxins from passing through your gut lining. Anything that keeps inflammation down and good bacteria in, is a great product for me. I also love their Joint and Heart products as well. As a busy mom of two toddlers I need to stay on top of my health, and both keep me in check. Turmeric is an awesome antioxidant, along with the other ingredients, this little Heart bottle is wonderful in aiding in heart health. As far as my joints are concerned, they haven’t been happier. Since using my Joint product line, I have noticed less discomfort and more pep in my step. Turmeric and the MSM are the powerful anti-inflammatory team keeping me an active mommy!

Since I am on this Turmeric kick, I decided to make a fun family recipe that even my picky toddlers would love! I am all about easy and quick recipes and this one is a keeper for sure! For the recipe I added fresh ground Turmeric and for myself I added a capsule of Digest to my finished product at the end. If you use your imagination, its amazing to see how easy it is to get healthy. I hope your family enjoys this recipe as much as ours did! Enjoy

Turmeric Honey Glazed Chicken

1 package chicken tenders

¼ cup honey

¼ cup soy sauce

1 teaspoon garlic chopped

1 tablespoon cornstarch

1 teaspoon turmeric

1 tablespoon coconut oil

1 cup chopped pineapple (you can use fresh or from can with juice)

Brown Rice (I use minute rice quick serve)

Chopped Scallion

Salt & Pepper to taste

Heat coconut oil on med/high heat in pan. Toss Chicken with cornstarch in zip lock bag till well coated. Add to heated oil and fry. Once golden-brown remove from pan and cut into small pieces. Add garlic and cook till sizzling. Add honey, soy sauce chopped pineapple, salt and pepper, and turmeric. Add chicken back in. Let thicken. Heat rice in microwave and place in bowls. Add chicken mixture on top of rice and top with scallions. * I added an opened capsule of Digest on top of my Turmeric Honey Chicken Bowl!

Spring Staycation! Momsbeyond Contributor!

Friday school pick-up was an exciting one for sure. Sophia ran to the gate of the schoolyard with her bag filled with Easter goodies. Her preschool had their annual Easter egg hunt that day, as the following week was Spring Break. The children were all full of excitement, and you could tell by the look on every mom’s face that we were all thinking the same thing: send wine! 

As Sophia ran up to me, she couldn’t wait to ask me her excited questions: “Mommy, we are going on vacation next week? What hotel are we staying it?!?!” Oh my goodness, was she in for a world of disappointment as we walked to the car and I fastened her into her car seat! This began the very long and not-so-happy ride home of me explaining to my child the fun and excitement in our staycation! I told her that the school is on vacation, so we get to have lots of fun as a family spending time together and taking a break from our normal routine. The truth is I have nothing planned and I’m in the business of winging it! My husband will be at work, and the weather here in New England still needs to decide if its winter or spring.

What exactly is a “staycation,” anyway? I have been coming up with a few fun things to do with the girls during the day to make this week enjoyable. There’s always going to the zoo, aquarium, parks, and playground if the weather allows for it. I love to think outside of the box too! In our house, we enjoy crafts and baking, so those activities are at the top of our list. We love trying new, exciting foods and experimenting with cooking. On our baking list, we are going to attempt macaroons, and for crafts, of course, we’re coloring eggs!

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Spring Staycation

Sisterly Bond

Saturday’s are filled with activities and family fun! Today we enjoyed the first warm day of the year and spent the entire day out. These two had a blast picking out their outfits together. It’s adorable to see them in their room together. Sophia loves to pick out her outfits, and her younger sister Priscilla is starting to do the same. Sophia was so proud of her look she asked to pose for a photo. The two girls stood in our kitchen and I snapped a few keepers. As I looked through the “cheese” smiles, I came across this picture. The look on Priscilla’s face says it all. She adores her big sister. These two have truly become best friends. They play together, giggle together, and basically do everything together. It is a true blessing watching these two grow up together. A huge plus in all of this is they have a pretty awesome fashion sense too! 😂

My Feature in MomCulture!!!

When it comes to cooking in the kitchen, one thing is for sure, in our house it’s a family affair. Since the very early age of one, Sophia my four-year-old has been cooking and baking up a storm in my kitchen. She learned how to crack her first egg before the age of two and found a love for creating recipes very early on in her cooking career. I must admit I was nervous about the mess that would become of my kitchen, but the memories we would make and the moments we shared far surpassed these concerns. As the years have gone by, Sophia has become quite the little chef. She makes the most delicious apple pie I have ever tasted and her secret ingredients would make you laugh… but they work! I’ll give you a hint… there is more fruit than apples and a pinch of salt goes a long way! …..

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Mom Culture Blog! Easter Treat!