Get to know Normal Mommy

It’s the New Year… Get to Know Normal Mommy!

I figured since the New Year is well on its way, I would take a few moments and share some fun facts about myself and my family! I reside in New England with my husband of almost six years and our two beautiful daughters. We absolutely love living here and think it is one of the most gorgeous places in the world. The seasons here are stunning and the food is fabulous. I love being a stay at home mom in our small suburbia town. This coming year our oldest daughter will be starting kindergarten and I must be honest and tell you I am not ready at all! I think I will have a greater adjustment period then she will. I decided to start my mom blog when I was pregnant with my second daughter. The idea came one snowy day when we couldn’t leave the house. I suffer from a rare migraine condition called hemiplegic migraine and it truly rules my life. During pregnancy my condition is bad, and I become down. I wanted to start a blog to be able to reach out to other moms about my condition and maybe even be able to help someone that was going through what I was. I had no clue how to start a blog or even what my name would be, I just knew how badly I needed an outlet. I sat with tears in my eyes and told my husband how badly I wanted to be “normal” one day. He smiled and reminded me that I was a “normal mom”. This was the moment my blog was born and the day I started Normal Mommy. I had no idea what it would become. This little business that I had envisioned as an outlet for my medical condition became a wonderful mom blog where I can share my condition, recipes,fun crafts, daily activities, and so much more. My girls absolutely love to participate in trying and reviewing awesome new products that come our way and I feel like an accomplished mom boss. I never knew that a stay at home mom with a dream could really turn it all into a profitable business. I am so excited to share my blog with my followers in hope to bring a smile to someone’s face with our crazy, normal, everyday life! I thought it would be fun to share some fun facts about myself with my growing followers so here are 10 fun facts about Normal Mommy!

  1. I am not a 100% Italian but if you met my family you would swear, we came out of an old school Italian movie… we even make our own homemade wine. Old school press and all!!!!
  2. I am 18 years younger than my brother and sister. I basically grew up like an only child at home but have the most awesome relationship with my siblings! I was a surprise!!!
  3. I love to cook…. But NEVER follow a recipe! I would rather make up my own any day of the week! I have only seriously failed twice that I can recall. Ask my husband about the lemon meatballs!
  4. Anxiety is my worst enemy. I worry about absolutely everything in the world. If there is a problem… you bet I will google it!
  5. My husband and I met over 10 years ago but waited years to go on a date! By the time we went on our first date we were sharing sushi… engaged six months later… and the rest is history.
  6. I live in New England, but really don’t like cold weather activities. You will not catch me on the slopes!!!! I barely like to make a snowman in the yard.
  7. I competed in beauty pageants for a large part of my life and won several State and National titles. It was a very cool part of my life.
  8. I am 100% OCD! If I don’t clean my house everyday… then I am probably sick. Even then I find a way to clean.
  9. I have a fiery personality and a heart bigger than my body. I once spent over 30 minutes making my husband lunch… and in the fit of pregnancy hormones smashed his sandwich because he took a phone call. Gosh we laugh about this now. He still enjoyed his lunch and says it was one of the best sandwiches I have ever made!
  10.  I am Holiday crazy! If it’s a Holiday, we decorate and celebrate it at our house! We normally decorate, bake, and cook for the occasion. I love to Pinterest fun ideas and make a celebration for the kids! I feel making memories is what life is all about!!!!!

Well that is some fun stuff about me!!!! I would love to hear more about my followers too!!!

When life takes over …

I had my resolutions set… I felt like I was in a groove and I was doing awesome. My family was getting healthy, I was working out every day, my blog was reaching new heights… and I was working so hard on my Normal Mommy brand. Life was going great the beginning of 2019 in this normal Mommy household. I was having a great snow day with our little family. Football was on the tv, yummy food was in the oven, and awesome memories were being made. What more could you ask for. Suddenly a tree fell in our yard and life just kind of stopped for a few minutes. Thankfully we are all safe and our home is ok. For the past few weeks we have been working on the damage this tree has left behind with the power outage, power surge, fried wires, below freezing temps, and just mentally exhausted parents. We came out of the last few weeks beyond thankful to have our family, our home, and in the grande scheme of it all… minimal damage compared to what could have been. Yes this could have been way worse. I sit back and look at my blog, my business, my extra things that mean so much to me and realized that I have neglected to give them my all in the midst of the madness at home. I thought about writing so many times and I would sit down and start a post but it just never had inspiration. I have to be honest and say I went through a little bit of a depressed phase the last two weeks. My life flipped upside down. We were not staying at our house, we had to worry about things from a financial stand point, I was stress eating, my migraines came back. I was just not myself. I realized when I felt this way I was not able to care for anyone until I cared for myself. I needed to get back to square one. Find beauty in the little things. Spend quality time with my family… find blessings in what we were given… be thankful. Today I jumped back into my fitness routine, and it felt amazing. This got my mindset back on track! My girls and I took this snow day we are having and had a blast painting while listening to music. I finally felt like me again. I think every mom goes through moments of feeling like less of a Super Hero and it’s ok to be brutally honest with yourself in those moments too! My family loves me in those moments even more!

Finding happiness in chocolate!

I wanted to follow up with my readers from yesterday’s blog post! I had so many of my followers reach out to me and ask about Sophia’s experience with food dye. I am not a scientist or a doctor… just a mom who found something that works for my daughter! 🙂 Sophia has been missing her favorite coated chocolate candy for a while now, but knew that it makes her not feel good when she eats it. Last night after dinner she told my husband and I about her school day. This is typical for our family. Every night we reflect as a family about our day. Sophia told us that during math at school she was offered M&M candy as a reward for her math skills. At four years old she knew to turn down her favorite candy. She told her teacher that this candy makes her angry and she can’t have it. This was all self promoted by Sophia. The teacher understood and gave Sophia a different reward for her math. I was so proud of Sophia I was brought to tears. I was on a mission to find Sophia an alternative to her favorite candy that she can not only have at home but bring to school too. Nana looked everywhere this morning and came to our house with three bags of Unreal candy! Sophia was so excited and absolutely loved them!!!! I think you can tell by the photo above how excited she was to have these chocolate candies!

Removing Color to Add Happiness!

I started out my journey of motherhood like most first time moms. I only ate the healthiest of things while pregnant to ensure my baby would be as healthy as she could be. This thought continued through breast feeding too. I would take into consideration everything I would put into my mouth and think about what it might do to my milk and my child. As my daughter grew up and started to eat table food, I wanted only the best for her. I made sure these products were organic and minimally processed. I would take the time to make her baby food from scratch. 

Fast forward a few years and two children, I lost sense of who this first-time mommy was. I still make the best decisions for my family when grocery shopping and our home contains the healthiest food possible, but I have at times fallen victim to buying things I know I shouldn’t. My daughter began school and started to notice things her friends would be eating. She would ask me to please let her bring the snacks her friend had to school. I of course wanted to make her happy, so I bought it. There have also been times when tv commercials have played a huge role in our purchases. These commercials really make children wish for something like a yummy cereal with marshmallows or a special cookie for the holidays. In moderation these things are fine, and for most children completely acceptable, but for my daughter this was not the case….

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Moms Stuffed Clams

My Italian Mama makes the best stuffed clams I have ever had! I just feel like everyone should try these just once!!!! She finally made them at my house and taught me the recipe! I don’t think I will ever make them just like her… but I’m going to try! Here is the recipe below!!!!! Hope you enjoy them as much as we do! ❤️

Moms Stuffed Clams

Dozen cherry stone clams

1 loaf American bread

3 cloves crushed garlic

Salt & pepper to taste

Crushed red pepper 1 1/2 teaspoon

Oregano 1/2 teaspoon

Olive oil 2 tablespoons in mixture ( a little to coat inside of shells ) *

Steam clams until open in water. Take out of water let Cool. Save water. Clean clams. Using food processor or chopper add garlic, clams and blend. Remove and add to bowl. Next blend bread with spices and oil. Add this mixture to the clam and a garlic. If mixture seems dry add broth from clams. You want a wet consistency. Wash clam shells and dry with paper towel. Oil the inside of shells. Stuff shells with mixture. Bake at 375 for 30 -45 minutes or until golden brown on top.

Enjoy with a side salad!!!!! I love these with cocktail sauce!!!!!

Homemade Onion Soup

When Nana comes to stay we always try to make really delicious dinners. Tonight we decided on chef salad and onion soup. All day I kept thinking I really need to find time to look up an onion soup recipe, but as the hours past and the errands piled up that never happened. I ran to the grocery store and purchased the ingredients I thought would be perfect in my soup and hoped for the best. I was amazed at how wonderful this soup came out! I could not wait to photograph it and share it on my blog! It was ready and on the table in less than thirty minutes and went perfectly with our dinner salads! I hope you try this onion soup recipe in your home!

Onion Soup

2 large yellow onions

1 stick butter

1 table spoon flour

1 cup white cooking wine

1 32 ounce beef stock or broth

Salt & Pepper to taste

1 Bay leaf ( remove before serving )

Swiss Cheese (I used 4 slices for 2 soups)

French bread ( I sliced it for a thin slice in each soup)

Slice onions and place in soup pot with 1 stick of butter. Let onions sweat down slowly in butter do not cook to fast or let get too brown. I cooked these for about 10 minutes slowly on medium / high heat. Once the onions look transparent add flour and stir for about 1 minute then add wine. Cook on high for 2-3 minutes. Salt and Pepper to taste. Add beef stock and bay leaf and boil for 15-20 minutes with lid on. Remove bay leaf. Add soup to oven safe bowls, add one slice of bread in each bowl, and cover with cheese. I used two slices of Swiss per bowl. Place in oven under broil for about 5 minutes until golden and bubbly!

Makes 4 servings *

Soup pairs awesome with a nice dinner salad… like this yummy chef salad!

Online grocery shopping… makes me feel like Super Mom

I’ve talked about my love for online grocery shopping in the past. The convenience of shopping from the privacy and comfort of your home is priceless. I usually enjoy a warm cup of tea or for those crazy days a glass of wine while I shop. I order my groceries and pick them up the following day! It’s that simple. With the New Year starting I wanted to be prepared. I set goals for myself and my family that I truly want to stick to. For myself I want to be healthier and for my family I want to cook healthy family meals. I promised myself that I would take the time to plan my weekly meals and know exactly what I need to buy for my grocery order each week. As a family we want to eat out less and save money. Being able to order my groceries with my menu and list in front of me makes planning and meal prep so much easier. I felt like a super hero mom this morning. I woke up and got my girls ready for the day. Sophia was at school and I was able to pick up my groceries, get the house clean, and make homemade chicken salad for lunch all before noon. I was in such a good mood and saved so much money this week I even sprung for some flowers for myself that were on special this week at the grocery store! I can say my 2019 is off to one heck of a great start! As I sit here tonight writing today’s blog post I feel proud of today and all that I accomplished. In between a crazy jam packed day with errands, school, and even Taekwondo I still managed to get a home cooked family dinner on the table. I really love online grocery shopping and if you have a local ShopRite I highly recommended using ShopRite from Home! The shoppers are incredible and really care about the selections they are making for you. Excited to see what the rest of my week and meal planning has in store for my family of four!

New Year Family Style

New Years Eve used to be about where we would be to watch the ball drop, or what outfit I needed to buy! My entire life changed the moment I became a mom. These people in this photo are my world. Instead of worrying about a fancy party and extravagant lifestyle we decided to stay in our comfy clothes and bring in 2019 family style. We went to the grocery store as a family and picked out some delicious snacks! My husband and I picked out our favorite items for our meat and cheese plate! We decided that making edible cookie dough would be the perfect dessert! Together we made dessert and ate it while we played candy land! We are not the most fancy family you will find but this is our normal. After the kids went to sleep my husband and I stayed up to watch the ball drop. We wrote down our goals for 2019 and talked about our year to come! We are super excited to see what the future holds for our family and can’t wait to share it with you!


I have to say I will never purchase another brand of air freshener again. Air scenes is the greatest brand on the market. I am not being paid to say this in fact as I write this no one even knows I am commenting on their brand. I am truly just so in love with the product that I need to tell the world. I decided to give these air fresheners a try this holiday season because they are completely safe for my family. They are made from essential oils and smell amazing. There are so many reasons why I choose this product the list goes on and on. I had family stay with us over Christmas and they raved over these air fresheners! They kept my home smelling great and everyone feeling comfortable! I seriously will always keep this product stocked at our house.