Sisters become besties

I can hear the giggles from across the hall… it sounds like the start of a beautiful friendship. These two sisters have finally become best friends. It’s that magical moment when the stars align and the ages are perfectly fitting together. I was in the other room packing for our big family vacation when I heard these two giggling and having fun together in their room. I didn’t go in at first, I waited a few minutes. I wanted to allow them time to bond. When I went into the room I saw that my oldest daughter was helping my youngest get dressed. It was adorable. My Sophia is four years old and already has the most incredible fashion sense. She picked out matching outfits for both of them including their Normal Mommy logo t-shirts. Of course this made me smile. She finished the outfit off with tutus and metallic shoes. This little toddler has so much style. I loved watching them together this morning. Bonding over fashion is every mother’s dream for her daughters ! 😉

Naturebright! Sun Touch Plus

Feeling those winter blues already?!?! I know I am! I live in New England and well let’s just say it is cold pretty much all but 3 months of the year! During the really cold months I long for that warm sunshine. My body simply needs it. There is something real about nature and the sun effecting your mood. I know every year I get incredibly sad during the cold grey months and I cannot wait for spring to come. Naturebright has this awesome Sun Touch Plus that is a UV free blue light. It omits the feeling of sun in your home and helps to brighten your day and your mood! Did you know you can boost your energy and your mood with light therapy? There is nothing better than starting your day off with a warm smile.

Dressed in Style for Turkey Day!

Mommy’s little Turkey was ready to party in style! Priscilla wore the cutest outfit from Flendy Hoodies for Thanksgiving. This outfit was not only adorable but so comfortable too! My only wish was they had this exact jumpsuit in adult sizes to make room for the food mommy ate!!! Flendy Hoodies does have some pretty awesome adult clothing from hoodies, dresses, and even matching mother daughter outfits! Even though you missed their Thanksgiving cuteness you still have plenty of time to get an adorable outfit for Christmas !!!! Check out their website below!

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Parenting a strong willed child !

There are some days I find myself hiding in the bathroom to cry by myself… and others I end the day with a glass of wine and a bag full of Reese’s Pieces. This my friends is what it is like to parent a strong willed child. I can’t really tell you I knew what to expect before I was thrown into it. I don’t think anyone understands until you join this exclusive parenting club. My daughter has one of the biggest hearts I have ever seen… but when she has her mind set on something…. game over! I would say this all began around the time she turned three. This was just around the same time we welcomed our second daughter into the world and Sophia let us know big sisters no longer nap… and she meant it. From that moment on it was like a switch went off and Sophia became the strong willed child she is today. She will fight for what she believes is right, she is intelligent beyond her years, and she really thinks all of her plans through. In the beginning I wanted to discipline and show her right from wrong, black and white, but I had to learn that this is not the type of parenting she needed. I had to learn the type of parent she needed me to be. When she gets so worked up in a tantrum and I am ready to put her in time out over something that escalated quickly I needed to learn to take a step back and hug her first. Some parents would probably say no way… punish them what are you teaching her here. But a strong willed child actually gets so worked up that they cannot even understand a punishment at that moment and will not calm down until you show them compassion and love. This is what they so desperately are reaching for at the moment. I have learned to hold her and get to the bottom of her anger and outburst first. Is she tired, hungry, sad? After we reach a calm solution we talk about her actions and a consequence together. I have also learned that she needs to explore her creativity. Now I am soooooo OCD. There are days that the very last thing I want her to do is try to create her own slime or make her own meal… but I let her. I find that she needs an outlet. I give it to her. Now don’t get me wrong. I let her know there are boundaries. We have rules in our house and we follow them. Some days it is great and other days a trash can gets thrown in my kitchen. Yes… it’s a learning process we go through as parents of a strong willed child. I keep reading that her little temper and anger outbursts are what will make her an entrepreneur or even President one day! I just keep taking it one day at a time… and thanking God for my two healthy girls. I laugh because I am starting to see these similarities in Priscilla… at least by the time she is Sophia’s age I will be a pro!!!!

Travel with The Zebra !

Thanksgiving week means lots of traveling! Whether you are traveling great distances to see family or locally running errands you will probably be spending more time in the car with your children this week. The Zebra has these awesome and free printable games on their website perfect for traveling with kids of all ages. We printed out a bunch of these games and kept them handy in the glove compartment for this week. Some of our road trip printables are I-spy, Bingo, and Cows! We live in rural New England so you can imagine just how many cows we can count just leaving our house ! These games have become an exciting part of just getting in the car these days! I cannot say enough how much I love them! I think any family hitting the road this week should head over to their website and print off some of these fun free family games! You will not be disappointed! Enjoy you holiday traveling!!!!! Link below!

Making my lists.. and checking them twice!

Thanksgiving prep is in full swing tonight! I spent this weekend shopping for my decorations and tableware. I was so excited to score on a huge sale at The Christmas Tree shop when everything fall was on a huge discount! Today was the big grocery shop. I had my two lists in hand and I was on a mission. One list was my menu and my other list had everything I needed to buy. I am obsessed with making lists. It’s just who I am. I love to be organized and prepared for what I have coming up. I came home and put everything away. My next set of lists consists of cleaning, cooking, and to dos for the next few days. I think my favorite list I have for this week is my shopping list for Black Friday! Yes I am one of those crazy shoppers… are you?!?! There is something insanely addicting about going on no sleep, a full belly, and adrenaline after a long day of family and feast and heading out to shop. My mom and I have always kicked off our Christmas season with Black Friday shopping. It’s our little tradition. We go to the little gas station to get a newspaper and clip our coupons while we sip coffee before we head out into the night with the other crazy shoppers ready for the biggest deal of the year. You see my lists may seem crazy to most… well definitely to my husband, but to me they are part of my tradition of Thanksgiving and the Holiday season! Stay tuned for some of my favorite Black Friday sneak peaks and special tips!!!!


If you’re searching for an advent calendar, or maybe a vacation calendar like Sophia’s, CountdownCaddy has you covered. They have the most adorable countdown calendars for any occasion. Birthday, vacation, Christmas, you can get a calendar countdown with either an edible treat or tiny toy inside. We are getting ready for our trip to Disney and Sophia is so excited to count the days with her calendar! Each day is opened with a tiny door and inside there is a piece of yummy chocolate waiting to be enjoyed! If you are looking to get one of these awesome calendars check out the link below!


Have you ever looked at your hair and thought…. gosh I wish I had a product that worked for me?!?! Like one that knew you … knew exactly what you needed! Well what if I told you I knew of a product that was formulated just for you! Formulate is an amazing custom Shampoo and Conditioner that is created for each and every individual person. You begin the process by answering a questionnaire to determine what type of product you will need. The questions include what hair type you have, how you style your hair, and even where you live in the country. All things that matter for your hair and how to best care for it. Then the team over at Formulate will create the perfect blend just for you and your hair type. After using my perfect custom blend for a few weeks I noticed a huge change in my hair. I have very straight hair and I desperately wanted to have more volume. This product has been wonderful on my hair and smells incredible! I picked the ocean scents and loved it! I think every woman should have a custom blended hair product !

Stroller Trotter… the perfect companion!

As my girls get older and my errands become more time restricted I need to find products that will make a busy moms life easier. I love my diaper bag back pack, but there are times that carrying that with both girls is just not the easiest option. I love my Stroller Trotter. This awesome compartment bag fits perfectly on my stroller bar when I am shopping with the girls, but can easily come off and be worn as a shoulder bag too! I love the multiple compartments it has! I have a space for my keys, wallet, diaper and wipes, and there is even room for two sippy cups! This is the perfect companion for a busy mom to take shopping this holiday season! Check our the awesome website below for more information and to get your very own Stroller Trotter!

Oliver the Ornament

Every ornament tells a story. This storybook and ornament collection is a wonderful tradition we have added to our home this year. The book takes us through Oliver’s journey and teaches love, kindness, joy, caring, compassion, and overcoming bullying. I love the message about traditions and how every ornament has a special story and reason for being on our Christmas tree. I brought Oliver out today to talk about World Kindness Day so right now he is the only ornament on our tree. We cannot wait to introduce him to the rest of our collection and tell our girls about our family Christmas ornaments. This is a wonderful storybook and absolutely one you should add to your family home.