A unique Summer Accessory!


My mommy fashion is mostly built on yoga pants and tank tops. I find myself longing for the days when I would find the time to fix my hair and makeup and put on designer clothes before walking out of the house. These days the most I achieve before opening the door is making sure I am not sporting any unknown stains on my mama attire. When my second born turned one I decided it was time to start working on myself again. I wanted to find the time to look good and care about my fashion. There are still those special days when I am in my comfy clothes, but now I also have days when I am dressed up and looking fashionable. I have found as a mom my idea of what it takes to look good has changed so much. I used to think it meant hours in the bathroom primping. Now I know it means the right clothing and an amazing statement piece of jewelry. My favorite type of statement piece hands down is a watch. I just love how it can change an entire outfit’s appearance. I never really thought about how many options there were in the world until I became an adult. Haha. When I find myself looking at a person’s appearance, my eyes always travel to what type of watch they are wearing. I recently came across a really awesome watch company called Jord Wood Watches. They are handcrafted, luxury wood watches. I was so excited to get my hands on one! The craftmanship is breathtaking. They have so many different types to chose from. I fell in love with the timeless look of the Hyde (Kosso and Gray) edition…. I think my husband secretly did too. This watch can be worn by anyone. It is a true statement piece. I have worn it out several times to happy hour, church on Sunday, and on date night to name a few. I have felt so confident and fashionable in this stunning watch. There really is something to be said about the term “look good feel good.” When I look my best, I truly feel amazing. Like I said in the beginning of this blog post, yes I am a busy mom of two little girls and you will likely find me in yoga pants… but on those days when I am feeling like being fashionable…. You will find me cleaned up, dressed nice, and sporting a gorgeous watch from Jord Wood Watches.
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Summer fun at Education.com

Summer is for FUN… but it is so important to keep the learning and education alive, especially during the months when school is not in session. We came across this awesome website called https://www.education.com/ . It is for all ages starting at preschool. There are so many wonderful learning activities such as worksheets, mazes, games, and other really cool learning tools. Sophia has had a blast playing the educational games. She is counting along , tracing the mazes, really using her thinking cap. During rest time today, she requested to go on this website and play the educational games instead of using her quiet time for her iPad like she has in the past. This website is so much fun and a great learning tool. It can be used for homeschool parents, or any parent looking to help their children in their learning process. There is a great option to try this website for a free trial. This is exactly what we did, and we have fallen in love with it! I encourage parents with children of all ages, especially preschoolers learning colors, numbers, and letters for the first time, to check out this website!!!   


Education.com sent us a really fun Flower Maze Worksheet to try! Sophia and I had a blast doing this together! It was awesome to see just how well she did finding her way through the maze! Thank you Education.com for partnering with me ! Check out this really fun Flower Maze worksheet and give it a try with your children today!!! 🙂



ERAOrganics… spa-like baby lotion ! 😉

Most baby lotions tend to have the same smell profile. Now don’t get me wrong I do like that sweet baby smell, but there is something extra special about this baby lotion. It is infused with lavender and vanilla. These scents are calming for the baby and so pleasing for the mama. I find myself applying it to the girls and adding extra to myself… it just smells that amazing. This non toxic, cruelty free product, is formulated to be soft on babies skin while naturally hydrating. The company makes so many other great products for babies and mamas too! If you’re looking for an organic skin care that smells incredible, check them out on Amazon. Don’t forget to use my coupon code at check out to get a discount on your baby lotion purchase ! Code: BABYLO35


Alex Brands Crafts and Spa ( Rainy Day edition ) :)

Rainy Day????? No problem…. Alex Brands has you covered! They have everything you need to keep your little ones having fun and learning for hours!!! We have always been big fans of their crafts in our house, but just recently we came across their new Alex Spa line! Sophia had a blast today creating her very own bath bombs. She always sees me using my bath bombs for my special mommy alone time… lol. When she found out she got to make her own, she couldn’t get started fast enough. The process was simple and the directions were created with easy to follow pictures. Sophia was able to do the entire thing almost all on her own. She was beyond thrilled. This was an awesome rainy day mother daughter activity! We love Alex Brands!


We are in LOVE with the SmART Sketcher in our house. What started out as a fun “learning toy” has become an every day requested “homework” tool for Sophia. She asks to use her SmART Sketcher pretty much every morning while her sister is napping. She loves to learn to draw fun and exciting creatures. She is also interested in learning how to write words. The SmART Sketcher allows Sophia to trace her letters and learn how to write words like CRAB and BOOK. She is so excited to guess which letter is coming next and try to draw them on her own. The SmART Sketcher is an awesome and fun learning tool that should be in every household.

Coldfix Now! 👍🏻😊

As a mom of two young girls I find myself worrying about if they will be sick a lot, especially when we are in large play groups. I am never sure, with a toddler and a one year old, what is being put in their mouth, or God forbid shared on the playground. When cold season comes around I feel confident knowing I have a homeopathic alternative medication to give my girls. Cold fix now for children is FDA approved and safe to give even to my youngest daughter. I don’t have to worry about giving them harsh chemicals or any serious reactions. Cold Fix Now comes in an adult version too which can combat even the worst case of the man flu… which my husband comes down with each and every year. I am sure to keep both of these boxes in my medicine cabinet all year long! Easy to take and effective! 🙌🏼