Mommy keeps it cool… even when she’s freaking out!

Being overwhelmed and a mom are two common things that tend to just go together. I am trying my very best to not let my feelings this past week get the best of me… but it’s getting harder every day. You see we bought this amazing fixer upper, our house on the hill, and had all of these great ideas about what we would do to it once it was ours. We never really thought about the buying process and how long it would take to close on a house. Fast forward a few months and to where I am today…I am beyond overwhelmed. I am looking at this fixer upper and thinking of how much work needs to get done. Painting, floors, cleaning, and I still haven’t even packed up our current home. I lay in bed at night as exhausted as can be, but wide awake thinking of all of the things I need to do. Moving this time is different, I’m a mom of two beautiful little girls, young girls, that still need my attention. They don’t understand why mommy is tired, or why we aren’t still going about our normal routine. I’m trying to find balance and keep life normal, especially for our toddler.I want this experience to go as smoothly as possible for her. There are only so many hours in the day and I’m finding peace in needing to leave projects undone and my house a mess. Today we put together Sophia’s playroom in the new house. Seeing her smile meant the world to me. I decided even though I still have so much work that needs to be done and so many rooms that need to be packed, it is more important to snuggle with my girls. I know everything will fall into place, but I can tell they are sensing that mommy is overwhelmed … and I’m the glue that holds it all together. I need to show them it’s all going to be ok….even if at the moment I’m not so sure how. That’s what being a mommy is all about. So now I am off to fill some Easter eggs with candy for a very special preschooler’s party tomorrow… and maybe get a little sleep tonight. Even though we are in a crazy amount of chaos with renovations and packing to move… seeing the smile on my children’s face in our new home makes it all worth while. There is nothing that compares to pulling up our beautiful driveway to our first family home together. It’s priceless.

Baking together… A recipe for Memories!

Baking with your kids is so much fun… and rewarding once you get past the mess. Trust me moms. I know what you are thinking… is the clean up afterwards worth it? The answer is YES! The reward of spending that quality time with your little one in the kitchen and what they truly get out of the experience is worth so much more than those extra few minutes of clean up, take my word on that.

Getting your children involved in cooking is so important at a young age. I started baking with Sophia when she was just over a year old. It was around the holidays and I was baking and hosting like I always do. She had just started walking. She was a tiny little tot. She started talking well before she was walking so she was obviously very vocal about wanting to bake with me. I started small with her just letting her mix the batter with a spoon. Each time I would make dinner or bake in the kitchen Sophia would sit with me and would start to show more interest. As the years went by she started to grow in her abilities to help mommy. As her motor skills grew and her ability to listen to directions got better I would teach her new things and allow her to try new tasks in the kitchen.

I myself am OCD so I had to let go of how clean my kitchen was and grab hold of these moments and the memories we were making together. My kitchen counters have taken a beating with flour, fallen eggs, spilled milk, and tons of other messes. Just remember that’s what vacuums are for! Sophia is now 3 ½, she likes to tell everyone how old she is and never ever forgets that extra half! She is so involved in cooking with mommy.

She helps measure, cracks her own eggs with no assistance, and is even creating her own recipes. Some of these toddler inventions are not so great, those we have daddy try… but some truly are delicious. Like last week she decided we needed to make an apple and grape pie with just a little bit of salt and pepper in it. You know what? It was so good I will always put grapes in my apple pie from now on. Who would have thought a 3 year old could have thought something like that up?!

Want to hear the rest of Sophia’s baking adventure and of course get to this amazing Banana Pumpkin bread recipe? Follow the link below to my friends at My Komae and read the rest of my guest blog post!!!!!

Cooking Together – A Recipe For Memories

Botanico coffee… farm to cup! ☕️

Botanico coffee is a unique farm to cup coffee company that is grown in the heart of Colombia’s coffee region! I was given the opportunity to try this unique coffee and I was so excited! I’m a busy mom of two and I live on black coffee all day! I think drinking black coffee makes me some sort of a coffee snob… you seriously can taste coffee when you don’t put anything in it. It needs to be good! When I got my sample in the mail I couldn’t wait to try these adorable kcups! They fit perfectly in my keurig and are seriously so cute! I brewed my first cup and sat quietly and took my first sip… perfection! It was smooth and didn’t have that acidic taste you get from most coffees on the market. The best part was it didn’t burn my stomach like some black coffees do… and the taste was absolutely incredible! I love that they grind the beans and it is literally farm to cup! No fillers or additives! Botanico coffee is offering an awesome 20% discount till March 27th on Amazon so this is the perfect time to give their amazing coffee a try and be hooked just like we are!

Jazzygdesigns Tutus!!!! 😍

Sophia is crazy for Tutus!!!! She wears one to dance class every week, wears one to school at least once a week, and wears one dancing around the house pretty much daily!

So when I had the chance to team up with this incredible company Jazzygdesigns I jumped at the chance! I have seen my share of Tutus! I mean I can’t even count how many we have in our house… but they can’t even compare to the quality of the Jazzygdesign Tutus!

They are gorgeous, full, and handmade to perfection! Sophia is in love with her new Tutus! We were sent a few, two for Sophia and one to give to a sweet princess! Sophia had a hard time choosing which one to part with because she truly loved them all! That’s how incredible they are!!!!! We will for sure be ordering many more Tutus in the future… the very near future. Sophia already has a long list of colors mommy needs to order! 😍

“Mommy Time” recharging my battery

Ahhh .. the weekend… for most it’s a time to relax… for moms well you see we don’t exactly get to relax. I don’t even think I know how to relax anymore. I remember my husband sent me to the salt caves to detox and I had to sit in a room quietly for an hour with no electronics and relax… at first I thought yes this is what I need! After 15 minutes I wanted to jump out a window… well there were no windows but you get my point right?!?! I forgot how to relax. I’m in charge of little lives now… taking care of a household… keeping my hubby happy… relax isn’t in my vocabulary! My weekends are when I have my husband to help out and we can play man on man defense with our two crazy kids! Weekends are when we run errands as a family. I love this because it’s not just me lugging my 9 month old’s car seat and my gosh she is heavy now, and chasing my toddler around. I have my husbands help and I am so happy to be spending time with him. During the week he is so busy with work and by the time his day ends it’s dinner and bed time routine. And let me just say after a crazy Monday – Friday… I cannot wait for bed time!!!!! There are those special weekend moments though, when my kids are napping, or playing quietly, and my husband is watching golf.. and he says to me “honey why don’t you go out for a little while and take some time for yourself”. My eyes light up… I have that moment of feeling bad to leave my family, but I know I need it to recharge my mommy battery and clear my mind. Sometimes I go to Starbucks, other times to TJ Maxx. I’m not gone long maybe 30 minutes or an hour. It’s just a few minutes alone in my car of quiet time… or blasting my XM radio and singing at the top of my lungs to anything that isn’t on the Disney channel or the Frozen soundtrack! I think moms need these few minutes to themselves. We come home happier, smiling, and much less stressed then when we left the house. Today this is just what I needed…. a little mommy me time. Now I am ready to take on Monday and my two crazy girls. 😂

Sugar cookies for the Party!

As most of you know my little Sophia is in preschool and loving it! She loves going to school and seeing her teachers and her friends. As a mom I love seeing my little girl run out the door excited and coming home to tell me about her day and how she can’t wait to go back! It’s an awesome feeling! Her teachers try to plan fun events around the holidays and let the parents join in on the fun. This month is St. Patrick’s Day so I signed up to make the sugar cookies. Of course the cookies need to be homemade and safe for the nut free school! This was no problem for this homemade cookie baking mommy blogger! I was so excited to not only bake for Sophia’s class but to include her in the process. I always say just how important it is to get your kids in the kitchen, well it’s even more important to involve them in something like this. She took extra pride in every step of the process. In the end she told me ” mommy these cookies are so good my friends are going to love them and I am going to tell them I made them by my self “! How exciting is that for a little kid to not only be excited about a class party, but also to bring in the cookies you helped mommy make?! We had so much fun today baking and even made our own homemade frosting. She added the green sprinkles in the end and finished it all with “perfect mommy!” Our time in the kitchen is special. We play music, we dance, we laugh, and today we wore crowns! It’s all about the memories being made. Below is our homemade sugar cookie and frosting recipe, which is a great option if you need to bring a nut safe cookie to school or you just want a yummy sugar cookie to have at home! Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Ingredients :

2 sticks butter

1 cup sugar

3 tsp vanilla extract

1 egg

2 1/2 cups flour

1tsp baking soda

1/2tsp baking powder

1/4tsp salt

Preheat oven to 350 degrees

Mix softened butter and sugar until soft. Add vanilla and mix well. Add egg and whip. Mix in baking powder and baking soda with salt. Slowly mix in flour with spoon till dough forms. Form into 1 inch size balls. Slightly flatten and bake for 8-10 minutes till slightly golden brown. Will still be soft*** let cool completely


1 stick butter

3 cups powdered sugar

1 tsp vanilla extract

In mixer or with hand mixer whip butter add vanilla extract ( I added green food coloring now too *) slowly add sugar scraping sides of bowl after each cup of sugar. If frosting becomes too thick add 1 tsp of milk 🙂

Healthy dinner in 15 minutes 🙌🏼

A few nights a week our calendar is pretty filled with events. Sophia loves to be busy and if she is showing interest in an activity we try to get her involved! On those nights that gymnastics or ballet get out at 5:30 I need to act fast with my dinner plans. By the time we get home we have only two hours to squeeze dinner, cleanup, and bath time in before bedtime… and we ALL need bedtime, especially on these days! I love to cook, of course on nights like these it is so tempting to order take out, or stop to eat somewhere on the way home… But it’s so expensive and not healthy. I never know what is being put into my food with msg, calories, and don’t even get me started on going out to eat with two kids! This brings me to tonight’s dinner. I literally had it on the table in 15 minutes! I think what took me the longest was cutting the toppings for the burgers. I probably could have had it ready in 10 minutes if I was being timed and not drinking a beer dancing to Gavin DeGraw on Pandora. This was a meat free burger dinner. You seriously do not miss the meat in these burgers. They are that amazing! I’ll share my quick dinner recipe below along with how I made it all happen 🙂 Hope you try my quickie week night dinner and keep it in your recipe rotation like we do!

Ingredients :

Natures promise black bean veggie burgers chipotle

Cheddar cheese


BBQ sauce


Shredded lettuce


Potato bun

Red onion

2 Potatoes

Sour cream

Salt& pepper



Put 2 quick cook potatoes in the microwave for 10 minutes wrapped in plastic wrap. Forget about them 😉

Cook veggie burgers with cooking spray on med heat for 5 minutes flipping every few min so they don’t burn add cheddar cheese.

Chop Tomato, onion, jalapeño, scallions. Prep bun with mayo on bottom. * while potato and burger are cooking *

Place burger on bun, top with toppings and add bbq sauce 🙂 Take potato out of microwave ( be careful) and use knife to pierce plastic wrap to let out steam.

Cut off wrap and open potato. Add butter, cheese , sour cream, scallions, salt & pepper!!!

Enjoy!!!Dinner in 15 minutes !!!!! Wayyyy better than take out!

Target…. why are you so amazing?!?! 🦄🤷🏻‍♀️

As I explained my second Target trip in 48 hours to my husband tonight … it got me thinking what exactly is it about the store that makes us women fall so in love. I’m sure for all women there are different things but there are some common grounds for sure! For me… well you see I have trained my 3 year old since she was born the excitement of seeing that big red sign when you get off the highway… for us the Starbucks greeting you as you walk through the doors… and that glorious dollar section that you just can’t walk past without filling up your carriage. And this my mommy friends is all within the first five minutes of walking into the building! How can you not be happy! I feel like I’m on this happy high walking up and down the isles and in those minutes… well…hour I am there… girls are happy too! No one is crying… everyone is smiling… maybe it’s the red colors… the happy people… maybe it’s just the vibe in Target. There’s just something about shopping there … moms are happy! You know when people drive Jeeps they have that special wave.. that only people who drive Jeeps know about?!?! Well moms in target have that too it’s called the target look… we all have it, we all give it to each other. It’s that unspoken “yes, we are in our happy place, don’t tell our husbands how much we are about to spend” look. It’s magical. So as I sit here and explain to my husband just what I needed at Target, I went there for diapers,… and a few other small things before yet another snow storm. I realized there’s a much bigger picture. There’s a movement so to speak. There’s a reason moms go to Target and it’s to get happy…. it’s the feel good place… it’s a motherhood. I’m not sure if he’s buying it… but I know I sure am 🙂 and if you mamas out there are reading this you’re nodding your head too!

My family… my everything

Sunday funday as most call it… I guess that’s what today was! Most of our Sundays start out with church and lunch after, but today was just one of those days where we didn’t stick to our normal schedule. We woke up late, well early if you consider day light savings time… but as a parent my gosh does that throw things off for you and the kids?!?! I don’t know who it’s worse for!! Instead of rushing to get ready we lounged around, the girls played with their toys, we enjoyed our coffee. I finally cleaned the bathrooms which I never find the time to do, even as a stay at home mom,.. there just isn’t enough time in the day to deep clean. We went out for lunch and did a little shopping as a family. It was so much fun. We are closing on our new home in a few weeks so imagining new furniture and paint colors as a family was exciting today, even for the girls! When we got home I got to do a little work on my Normal Mommy collaborations and my husband even got to enjoy some golf! It was one of those lazy Sunday afternoons. When it came time for dinner we decided on Panera. What mom doesn’t run for panera every now and then?!?! Perfect ending to the day if you ask me?!! I had to laugh though… spending so much time home this weekend has had my husband seeing what exactly I do at home with the girls. How I diffuse tantrums or don’t get to go potty by myself. Watching him experience these things for himself … well let’s just say it left a smile on this face … a tiny one… but none the less a smile. Being a stay at home mom isn’t easy… but it’s amazing! All of the events in the day are awesome. I love making memories with my little family but my absolute favorite part of the day is when we end it cuddled up in our king size bed. My girls won’t be little forever, so I am cherishing these moments as long as I can. My family… my everything.

Normal Mommy 1 month Anniversary 🎉

I have been thinking today about this past month and how much I have learned since starting my mommy blog. I remember sitting down a year ago, still pregnant with Priscilla, with my husband bouncing around blog names and searching for the perfect domain. I was so excited but honestly had no clue what I was doing or how to even start a blog. I ended up having my second baby girl and putting things off for a few months which brings me to this past month! I knew I wanted to start a blog to share my every day life of being a mom to two girls, a baby and a toddler. Share the ups the downs, the tantrums, the good times, the learning experiences, … share it all. Some of my most favorite things about being a stay at home mom are cooking with my daughter and craft time, as messy as those both can be! I love to share just being a normal mom without the glitz and glam. I never knew how exciting this blogger life could be until I started to meet some amazing moms who owned businesses that I have teamed up and collaborated with! How cool is that?!?! Moms are taking care of their kids, running businesses, growing social media accounts, getting dinner on the table, and taking care of the home.. the list goes on! We are rock stars ladies! I am so honored to be a part of this group of women. My husband keeps telling me he sees a sparkle in my eyes again, a pep in my step so to speak. He loves seeing me have inspiration and excitement over something I created and am working so hard on. It isn’t about money it’s about being a mom who also is an entrepreneur. I can honestly say if this path takes me down a road where my only fulfillment is the excitement my daughters’ feel when we get to try out an awesome new product, or the excitement I get when someone new actually reads my blog post… then that is all I will ever need! I am truly blessed. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for Normal Mommy! Happy 1 month!