A Mom With Chronic Migraine

Remembering how to navigate life as a mom with chronic illness and find your “normal”. Finding the right tools to make your day to day activities more enjoyable and memorable.

About Us

Becoming A Healhy Home Cook 

Being able to whip up a quick yummy week night dinner after dance or gymnastics is important in our home and I will share tons of my own recipes and some of my found favorites with you! It’s also super important to get your kids in the kitchen. I cook or bake with my two girls daily. Finding the right diet for your chronic migraine is key. There are so many triggers out there.


Influencer & Reviewer of All things Awesome!

As a mommy blogger & influencer we get to review some pretty awesome products! I have also met some pretty incredible business owners along the way! Check out my mommy Love its and Gotta Haves!

Love Its & Gotta Haves

Welcome moms. You’re probably on this site because you’re trying to figure out what is a normal mom. Truth is we are all normal and we all have our own norms. My normal is staying at home with my two beautiful crazy girls. Some of you may be working moms, single moms, moms with lots of experiences or newbies. You are all amazingly normal, yet powerful people! I hope you find this site fun, informative, and empowering for all moms. You’ll find fun stories, craft ideas, and recipes. We will discuss everything from chronic migraine to fashion, food, being good to yourself and of course being a good mom. Thanks for being here. Lindsay